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The correct steps for men’s skin care in a day?

Wash your face with water in the morning, then rub it with protective oil. If you are engaged in sun work, you can apply sunscreen. Wash your face with a men’s facial cleanser when you go home at night, and then apply a mask.

men night skin care routine

How do men take care of their skin after washing their face at night?

Hello, after men wash their face at night, they can follow the following steps for skin care:

1. Use a toner to cleanse the face and shrink pores. Gently wipe it with a cotton pad to avoid direct application by hand.

2. Use a serum to help the skin deeply nourish and repair.

3. Use eye cream to protect and moisturize the eye skin.

4. Use cream or lotion to lock in moisture and enhance the skin’s moisturizing ability.

5. Use lipstick or lip balm to protect the lip skin.

Note: Do not ignore the daily sun protection work. You can also use skin care products containing sun protection ingredients when taking care of your skin at night.

How do men take care of their skin at night?

Thoroughly clean the skin at night, and then do a good job of care first. Use moisturizer for the first layer of skin care first, then massage to promote absorption, and then pat on a little whitening essence moisturizer. Don’t stay up late.

The correct steps for boys to wash their face and skin care?

1. Wash your face thoroughly with warm water, and it is comfortable in winter.

If you often wash your face with very hot water, the “protective film” of your face will be washed off. It is best to cleanse your face with warm water. Because when the boiling water is naturally cooled to 20 ° C to 25 ° C, the gas dissolved in it is about 1/2 less than before boiling. At this time, the water quality is very close to the moisture in the skin cells, and it is easier to penetrate into the skin.

2. Wash your face with an alkaline cleansing product to remove oil.

The skin has sebaceous glands and sweat glands. It is a natural protective film. It is slightly acidic and has a powerful sterilization and skin care effect. Alkaline cleansers will destroy it and stimulate the sebaceous glands to “produce oil” a lot. So it is recommended that men generally use a mild facial cleanser to wash their face.

3. Wash your face with a towel to wash it clean.

The towel loop is dozens to hundreds of times larger than the pores, and it is difficult to penetrate into the pores and remove the deep dirt and oil. A towel that is not dry for a long time is conducive to the breeding of various microorganisms. Washing your face with a wet towel is tantamount to applying various bacteria to your face. It is best to wash your face with a soft cleansing cotton and dry it frequently for disinfection.

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