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The correct steps for men’s acne skin care?

For acne skin care, first of all, men’s skin is particularly prone to oily, so you should give him some cleansing better, or give him makeup remover oil to deal with, mainly cleansing is the first step, and then replenish water. At the same time, for acne, you must use tretinoin ointment to apply.

best mens skin care routine for acne

What skin care products do men use for acne faces?

I recommend German family’s cleansing cream, conditioning water and conditioning oil. The cleansing cream can effectively remove blackheads. The conditioning water can control oil and absorb it after spraying. The conditioning oil is oil control, which is a more effective method of gentle oil control now.

Men’s acne skin care recommendation?

1. LABSERIES/LANCE Oil Control Cleansing and Firming Lotion

Reason for listing: LANCE is the world’s first professional men’s skin care brand. It belongs to the Estée Lauder Group. The products are rich and stable in quality. Not only is it tailor-made for men’s skin type, but the packaging design is also in line with men’s usage habits. Oil Control and Clear Skin Lotion Focuses on the needs of oily men. The formula is combined with salicylic acid fruit acid to help unclog and feel refreshing

2. ToLight/Only Light Oil Control Repair Lotion

Reason for listing: Tolight Oil Control Repair Lotion is made of solid materials and advocates “light skin care”, that is, no risk ingredients such as alcohol and flavors are added to improve the mildness and reduce the sensitization rate. It is very friendly to sensitive and acne skin. Secondly, the repair lotion is especially suitable for spring and summer. Its core is oil control and moisturization. The formula adopts multi-planting, treasure Jiapin anti-inflammatory and soothing

3. Biotherm/Biotherm Men’s Cleansing and Delicate Moisturizer

Reason for listing: Biotherm is one of the men’s care brands with the largest sales volume and the most complete product line in the world, with a high grade. The appropriate concentration of salicylic acid has a good effect on dissolving keratin embolism, and it has certain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, but it is irritating. In addition, the alcohol content of the moisturizer is not low, which may cause a tingling sensation while cooling. This product is recommended for acne oil skin, and light oil skin can choose a slightly milder product.

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