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The correct steps for facial skin care products?

Usually the correct steps for facial skin care products are very simple.

no water skin care routine

1. Cleansing first: Apply cleansing products, generally facial cleanser or cleansing milk, gently apply the cleansing products to the face, then wash with warm water, from the inside to the outside, clean the face from the inside out;

2. Re-emollient: When the face is dry and hydrated, apply a professional conditioning solution. The conditioning solution generally softens the epidermis, making the skin soft and more hydrated;

3. Spray facial water again: Before spraying facial water, first massage the face with your fingers to make the skin completely absorb the moisture, and then gently pat the face with a cotton pad to spray water, so that the skin can instantly get moisture replenishment;

4. Maintenance: After the face is dry, apply a layer of cream or cream according to different skin conditions, once a day in the morning and once in the evening.

How to make your own skin care balm and the like?

Make your own skin care balm (lip balm)

This skin care balm is super simple, and the materials are easy to find. The key is that this is food grade, and it is very safe even when eaten in the stomach. It is very suitable for dry winter use. It is also a good choice to make lip balm.

Pure natural skin care balm Ingredients: 200 grams of sunflower seed oil, 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of Beiqi, 20 grams of natural beeswax Restraint method:

1. Put the oil, angelica, and Beiqi into a small milk pot, and heat on low heat until Angelica Beiqi is fried until golden brown. Then turn off the heat.

2. Pick up Beiqi and Angelica, and add the beeswax until the beeswax is completely melted.

3. Put it in a sterilized anhydrous glass bottle while it is hot. It can be sealed when it is cool.

Be careful not to add too much beeswax at one time. The more beeswax, the harder the balm will be. Too little can’t be used as a balm. This ratio needs to be adjusted by yourself.

On the basis of this skin care cream, aromatherapy essential oil can be added, so that skin care products with different fragrances can be made. It is very easy to use.

Because it does not contain water, it will feel a little greasy when you just apply it. Don’t worry, this cream will be absorbed by the skin quickly. The greasy

feeling will disappear soon. In exchange for a very moisturizing feeling. It is also very suitable for allergic skin.

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