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The correct steps for dry sensitive skin at night skin care?

For dry sensitive skin at night skin care, the correct steps are as follows:

night skin care routine for dry sensitive skin

First, use mild and non-irritating makeup remover products to remove makeup;

Secondly, use low-irritation, mild cleansing products to cleanse your face;

Next, if you need to make a toner, you can choose a moisturizing toner and use a cotton sheet to gently wipe it;

Then, apply skin care products, it is recommended to use a lotion or cream with better moisturizing effect to moisturize and nourish the skin;

Finally, you can use topical care products such as eye cream for special care. In addition, if the skin is very dry, you can apply some moisturizing masks or sleep masks at night to enhance the moisturizing effect. Remember that skin care steps must not only be performed correctly, but also the choice of products is crucial.

How to whiten the face of dry sensitive skin?

1. Drink plenty of water, eat less fried foods, and keep the skin clean. This is a crucial step in skin whitening, and it is also the foundation of many whitening methods.

2. Diet: Eat more cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, black sesame seeds, etc. in moderation. Animal skins, chicken, beef, pork feet, etc. are good for improving dark yellow skin, beauty and enhancing skin elasticity.

3. Sunscreen is very important. Before going out, you should apply barrier cream and sunscreen. Remember to remove makeup at night. This is a key step in the whitening method.

4. Clean the skin thoroughly every night and use skin care products suitable for oily skin. You can use condensation instead of cream at night, which will block the pores and make it difficult for the skin to breathe at night.

5. You can apply cucumbers or potatoes to your face before going to bed. This is very good for moisturizing and whitening, and it is natural and does not hurt the skin. You can also use it every day.

6. Keep enough sleep and don’t stay up late, especially from 11:00 to 2:00 in the morning, when skin cells are most active, which is the focus of dry skin maintenance.

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