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The correct skin care steps for brushing acid on legs?

1. When brushing acid, choose to start with a low concentration of acid essence, and use it on a small area on the legs before use. After there is no allergic reaction or other adverse reactions, use a small amount on a large area. Don’t use the concentration and amount too high at the beginning, some people’s skin will not accept it, and then use the normal dose after slowly building tolerance.

skin care routine for legs

2. The method and amount of different acid extracts are different. Just use them according to the method on the official manual.

The correct method for leg skin care?


Massage when cleaning, because the skin of the legs is easy to dry and form dander, when cleaning the legs, massage with hemp gloves or a dry brush can not only measure the cleanliness, but also effectively stimulate the blood supply and subcutaneous lipid glands. Pay attention to the order from bottom to top when massaging, and always face the direction of the heart.


Exfoliation, you can choose to use it twice a month to do exfoliation treatment. The general method is that before bathing, apply the exfoliation cream from the ankle to the thigh, and after a while, rinse it off with water to make the leg skin more shiny.


Skin care products and leg massage, after each bath or soak, apply emollient milk or moisturizer to the legs and massage them properly, which can effectively promote blood circulation in the legs and eliminate muscle tension. If possible, you can also wipe the knees with a slice of lemon to make the skin softer and smoother.

How to whiten the thighs?

To make the thighs white and tender and look good, you need to mix them with sour milk, honey, and lemon juice, add vitamin E and stir them into a paste, then apply them to the face or legs, and rinse off with water after about 15-20 minutes.

This allows the dead skin cells on the skin surface to fall off, promotes the regeneration of new cells, and changes the skin of the legs.

Prepare fresh milk and olive oil, make a paste, and then apply it to the legs for 20 minutes to wash off. Long-term use can make the skin of the legs more elastic, delicate and smooth

How to make the legs white?

Xingtu can make the legs white through a comprehensive approach of exercise, diet and care.

First of all, in the diet should consume more foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and protein, such as vegetables, fruits and lean meat, while avoiding foods high in sugar and fat.

Secondly, moderate aerobic exercise can be selected in sports, such as running, skipping rope, etc., to improve metabolism and circulation, and promote fat burning.

Finally, whitening lotions and exfoliating products can be used in care to deeply moisturize and promote skin regeneration, so that the leg skin becomes brighter and fairer. These methods need to be adhered to for a long time to effectively whiten the legs.

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