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The correct skin care process?

1. Makeup remover

right skin care routine

Turn the mouth of the bottle upside down and let it flow back. Use your ring finger to point the makeup remover on the chin, nose, forehead, and left and right cheeks. Don’t forget your neck. Push it away from the bottom up and inside out, avoiding the eye area. Special attention should be paid to cleaning the nose. This area has the most oil secretion, which can easily breed blackheads and acne. Finally, wipe off the makeup remover.

2. Clean

If it is morning, just use the cleanser. At night, if you have makeup during the day, use the makeup remover first, and then the cleanser.

3. Secondary cleansing

The skin is weakly acidic. Toner can help the skin increase the pH value, perform secondary cleansing, and is also conducive to the absorption of skin care products later.

4. Eye cream

Special eye cream must be used for the eyes, and the same type cannot be used with the facial skin. The eye cream should be applied before the cream after water. Use your ring finger to tap around the eyes.

5. Essence

The molecules of the essence are relatively small. It should be used before the lotion and cream to better absorb the essence. The dosage is the size of a soybean, gently massage and apply to the face.

6. Lotion

Lotion is used after the essence. It has the effect of keeping warm and locking water. The dosage is 2 times that of the essence. Gently massage and absorb.

7. Cream

Cream is used after the lotion. It is the thickest of skin care products. The main function is to lock the effect of the above skin care products. Choose to use according to personal circumstances. If the skin is oily in summer, you can use no cream.

8. Isolation/sun protection

Ultraviolet rays are not only available outdoors, but also exist in computers and incandescent light tubes. UVA also penetrates glass and shines directly on the skin, so sun protection should be done all year round. Isolation UVA and UVB, and can also isolate harmful substances such as dirty air and makeup.

It is not necessary to follow each step completely every day, and you can make some adjustments according to the season and your skin type. The last step of skin care should also pay attention to sunscreen and isolation.

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