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The correct sequence of cosmetic production scheduling?

The correct sequence of cosmetic production is carried out according to the following steps. 1. Preparation and inspection of raw materials: First, it is necessary to prepare the required cosmetic raw materials and conduct quality inspection to ensure the safety and quality of the raw materials. 2. Formulation formulation: According to the formula requirements of the product, determine the type and proportion of raw materials required, and formulate the formula to ensure the effect and efficacy of the product. 3. Mixing and stirring: The prepared raw materials are mixed and stirred according to the formula requirements to ensure the uniform mixing of raw materials and make it achieve the desired texture and stability. 4. Temperature Control: During the mixing and stirring process, it is necessary to control and regulate the appropriate temperature to ensure that the chemical reactions and physical changes during the cosmetic production process can proceed smoothly. 5. Filling and Packaging: Mixed cosmetics need to be filled and packaged, put into suitable containers, and sealed and marked to ensure the preservation and sale of the product. To sum up, the correct sequence of cosmetic production includes steps such as raw material preparation and inspection, formulation, mixing and stirring, temperature control, filling and packaging. The sequence and specification of these steps are all essential to ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics.

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How to do pixel special effect makeup?

Pixel special effects makeup mainly creates a pixelated effect by picking colors and strokes, but there are also some tricks in the actual operation. 1. Choose the right color: The final effect of pixelation is achieved through color division, so it is necessary to choose colors that can achieve clear division, and you can use different colors to make up the details of the character’s face. 2. Use detailed strokes: When painting pixel special effects makeup, use detailed strokes as much as possible to approach the real pixelated effect. 3. Focus: When painting pixel special effects makeup, you need to pay attention to the key points of the makeup, such as highlighting the color of the lips, eyes and other parts. This can make the effect more vivid. In general, pixel makeup needs to be carefully depicted and selected, and only through continuous practice and exploration can the desired effect be achieved.

The development process of cosmetics?

1. Raw material procurement, specifically according to different products to choose fresh raw materials on the local market and work in progress;

2. Formulation design, according to the needs of the corresponding raw materials to suit the characteristics of the product;

3. R

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