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The correct process for squeezing acne?

1. Disinfect

steps to an acne prone skin care routine

Be sure to wash your hands before squeezing acne, and disinfect the area around the acne. Use a clean cotton swab dipped in alcohol to gently wipe the acne to be squeezed and the area around the acne to ensure that the area around the acne is sterile, and then use the same method to disinfect the acne squeezing tool.

2. Acne squeezing tool

When squeezing acne, do not use the circle behind the needle to squeeze the acne, which will not only squeeze the acne uncleanly, make the acne grow repeatedly, but also increase the acne wound. The correct way is to disinfect the needle, pierce the acne vertically, and then use a clean cotton swab or sterile finger cover to squeeze the acne. Be sure to squeeze the acne clean.

3. Care after squeezing the acne

Do not get wet within six hours after squeezing the acne (there are also many bacteria in the raw water), and the acne that has just been squeezed is an open wound. The ingredients of skin care products and cosmetics will enter from the wound, which is likely to aggravate the acne. The correct way is to apply a mask to soothe it (do not apply the mask with makeup font size), and then apply some delicate and soothing acne cream on the acne, which can effectively repair damaged skin and remove acne safely. If you want to go out or go to bed, in order to separate the bacteria from the acne, you can stick a piece of acne on the acne. Wait until the next day to use Jiaoshuqing’s Zhenzhi Shuyan Original Liquid and Cleansing Acne Essence for normal skin care and help the skin restore health.

Correct steps for acne skin care at night?

The morning and evening skin care process for oily acne skin can include the following steps:


1. Cleansing: Clean the face with warm water, you can use gentle cleansing products, and then rinse the face with cold water to shrink pores and help remove excess oil.

2. Toner: Use a toner that contains oil control and shrinks pores, which can help remove excess oil and restore the acid-base balance of the skin.

3. Moisturizing: Use a light moisturizing lotion after the toner to help replenish skin moisture while controlling oil secretion.

4. Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen after skin care to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the skin. At the same time, it can cover acne and acne marks, making the skin more refreshing and smooth.


1. Makeup Remover: Use a gentle makeup remover product to remove makeup and dirt, and then wash your face with warm water.

2. Cleansing: Use gentle cleansing products to thoroughly cleanse the face and remove excess oil and dirt.

3. Toner: Use a toner that shrinks pores and controls oil again to eliminate oil and promote skin absorption.

4. Anti-Sensitivity/Oil Control Serum: For oily acne skin, you can use some serums that control oil, balance oil secretion and moisturize.

5. Cream: Use a light cream or lotion to help repair and nourish the skin while controlling oil secretion.

6. Special Care: Use exfoliating products regularly to remove dead skin. You can also use some acne and mark repair products to accelerate the recovery of skin health.

It is worth noting that for oily acne skin, do not over-clean or use irritating products, and do not pick acne or squeeze acne marks, otherwise it will aggravate skin problems. In addition, a balanced diet and adequate sleep are also important factors in controlling oily acne skin.

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