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The correct order of oily skin care for men?

Facial cleansing in time.

best skin care routine for men with oily skin

Men with oily skin must clean their skin in time after exercising or returning home from abroad. It is very important to use some oil-controlling facial cleansers for deep cleansing. More deep cleansing of the skin will slowly reduce the oil.

Clean the key areas.

When cleaning, focus on cleaning the triangular areas of the face, namely: massage and wash the forehead, both sides of the nose and chin. These areas are not easy to clean, so you need to spend more energy and massage with a spiral from bottom to top and inside to outside in a rotating manner.

Lock water to converge pores.

After cleansing the face, use toner for water-locking moisturizing treatment to retain the moisture in the facial cells, so that the oil will not be secreted so quickly and effectively control the oil.

Daily routine.

Regular daily routine is very helpful for the body’s metabolic cycle. Reasonable diet control and reduced oil intake can subtly control the production of your own oil. In addition, you should reduce staying up late and exercise more, so that you can maintain a state of full energy in the dry season of autumn and winter!

How to take care of men’s oily skin?

Men’s oily skin should pay attention to cleaning and moisturizing, and choose skin care products that suit them.

Oily skin is prone to accumulation of dirt and excessive sebum. If it is not cleaned and moisturized in time, it is easy to lead to problems such as clogged pores, blackheads and acne.

Therefore, boys’ oily skin should pay attention to cleansing and moisturizing.

The key to boys’ oily skin care is to choose skin care products that suit you, including facial cleansers, toners, lotions, creams, etc.

It is recommended to choose products with good oil control and moisturizing effect, and thoroughly clean and moisturize every day.

In addition, you can also try more masks and do some deep cleansing and moisturizing care regularly, which has a good effect on improving skin quality.

At the same time, eating a healthy diet and maintaining enough sleep can also help improve boys’ oily skin problems.

How to take care of men’s oily skin?

1: Thoroughly clean and wash your face. In the maintenance steps of oily skin, “thorough cleaning” is the first and most important step. For each man’s skin type, choose skin care products that suit you and have strong cleaning power to thoroughly wash away excess dirt and oil. Even if you go home and exercise, don’t forget to wash your face immediately. If the environment does not allow, you may wish to prepare some portable products, such as “oil-absorbing facial paper”, which is an easy-to-use and effective single product.

2: Focus on cleaning the T-shaped part. The T-shaped part is the “hardest hit area” that produces oil stains. Without cleaning this part, it is difficult to keep your face fresh. When washing your face every day, you should use cleansing products to focus on gently massage the forehead, noses and chin on both sides. In a rotating manner, from bottom to top, spiral from the inside to the outside, especially in places with large pores, add a slightly deeper massage to induce oil, and then wash it off with water.

Three: Conditioning and converging pores. After washing your face, the man’s skin will be in a state where water is easy to evaporate and unprotected. Use conditioning water (firming water) to shrink the pores of the face, so that excess oil will no longer be secreted. Conditioning water can penetrate the inside to make the skin full, avoid water evaporation, converge sebum secretion in an instant, make the skin less prone to oily light, and can also achieve the effect of preventing facial blisters.

Four: Hydrating and moisturizing. Choose “oil-free” skin care products for men in summer, such as refreshing oil-free formula moisturizing lotion and moisturizing gel. In fact, oily skin requires far more moisture than oil, so it can moderately replenish skin moisture without increasing the oil burden. It is a little moisturized but not too moisturized. It has become the most important pointer for men when choosing skin care products. In addition to negatively avoiding the use of oily skin care products, you can also actively use maintenance products that inhibit oil secretion to achieve 100% oil control.

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