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The best skin care products for facial sagging?

1 It is impossible to give a single skin care product recommendation, because the reasons for facial sagging and sagging may involve many aspects, including age, genes, living habits, etc. 2 From the perspective of skin care products, skin care products suitable for facial sagging should pay attention to the effect of firming and lifting the skin, and also pay attention to moisturizing, repairing and other aspects. 3 Good living habits are also very important, such as a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and moderate exercise, which can improve skin firmness. To sum up, finding skin care products that suit you and improving your living habits are better ways to improve the effect of facial sagging and sagging.

skin care routine products to reduce saggle face

What cosmetics do you use for facial sagging?

You can use Estee Lauder Firming Cream with massage techniques to improve your face. First apply a layer of Estee Lauder Firming Cream evenly on your facial skin, then put your palms in the middle of your jaw and lift and massage from bottom to top.

The facial skin is a little sagging. Can you use any cosmetics to improve it? Ask a knowledgeable god?

Estee Lauder specializes in firming the essence of plastic, which is called “thread engraving essence” by American generations. It is best to add the Estee Lauder fruit acid mask that is not available in China.

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