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The basic steps of cosmetics?

The basic steps of cosmetics are as follows:

what skin care routine should i follow

1. Skin care

Before makeup, first perform basic skin care. Morning skin care generally does not require too many functional products: cleansing → lotion → essence → lotion/cream is enough. Use in the order of texture from light to heavy.

2. Sunscreen

The next step is to apply sunscreen, which is an essential step for daily skin care. People who are lazy and do not apply sunscreen will be ten years older than their peers, and they cannot be lazy in winter and summer.

3. Before makeup

The base makeup can be simply divided into four steps: makeup primer, foundation, concealer, and setting makeup.

The English of makeup primer is Primer (primer). This concept was translated into an isolation cream when it was introduced into China. And for sales reasons, its functions are completely demonized, whitening and moisturizing, UV protection, radiation protection, and isolation makeup.

4. Profile

After the base makeup is done, you can start to shape the contour. Powdery highlights/grooming/blushes are generally used after loose powder.

It is necessary to follow the principle of wet first and then dry. First color the balm and smudge it open, then use the foundation to even out the overall skin tone and set the makeup with loose powder.

5. Eye makeup

Eye makeup depends on personal preference. You can paint the eyebrows first, or you can paint eyeliner eyeshadow first.

6. Lip makeup

Moisturizing type is suitable for girls with dry lips and love to use matte lipstick. Concealer type is suitable for people with dark lips.

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