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The basic steps of 40-year-old makeup?

First choose a light-weight BB cream and apply it evenly on the face. The texture of the liquid foundation is relatively heavy, and the makeup is strong. Rub B…

skin care routine for 41 year old woman


Then choose a natural-colored eyebrow powder to describe the eyebrows, first dip an appropriate amount of eyebrow powder, and then gently brush a layer on the eyebrows,…


Choose an eyeliner or eyeliner with better water resistance, and start from the top of the eyeballs, carefully trace the eyeliner,…


Divide the eyelids at the root of the eyelashes into three sections and apply them. Apply apricot eyeshadow in the first half and light gray eyeshadow in the middle…

The basic steps of skin care for a 40-year-old man?

First, pay attention to rest. A 40-year-old man has a strong economic foundation and is rich and famous. At this time, the first thing to take care of his appearance is to rest. Aging, in addition to the touch of the elderly, is more caused by hard work. Therefore, rest on time every day and pay attention to ensuring 8 hours of sleep every day, which will make his physical strength fully restored.



Second, eat a light diet. 40-Year-old men are often in a state of being fat or slightly fat. Under such physical conditions, they are most susceptible to various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which affect their appearance. Therefore, it is important to eat a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a small dinner every day. Especially for dinner, try to eat less or not. In this way, 40-year-old men will maintain a youthful state in their body shape, and the same face will maintain a youthful state.



Third, keep a happy mood. People live in the world, is to live a mood. When a person is in a good mood, they are happy to do anything, but when a person is in a bad mood, it seems that the toxins in the body will explode one by one! Prominently on their face and body, causing their appearance to lose color and youth to slip away. Therefore, laugh for 1 hour a day, making you happy until the age of 70, your appearance will remain the same.



Fourth, strengthen physical exercise. Strengthening physical exercise can enhance physical fitness, promote metabolism, and keep our physical functions in a good state of operation. People who regularly participate in physical exercise are obviously better physically than those who do not participate in exercise! In the same way, people who regularly participate in physical exercise have a much younger figure and appearance than those who do not participate in exercise.



Fifth, maintain a good state of mind. People who don’t have things in their minds are often the most peaceful people. These people, without too many desires and ideas for a day, live a simple and plain life, have a light meal, and still smile happily. Often their preferences are very elegant, either like calligraphy or painting… In the same way, they maintain a good appearance and live a long life!



Sixth, use skin care products. 40-Year-old men should also use some skin care products appropriately according to their appearance. Practice has proved that people who regularly do facial skin maintenance look younger and more energetic than those who do not.

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