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The anatomy of a dog’s physiological structure?


wu weight management urinary care for dogs can

The dog’s ears have strong muscles connected to the face. The reason why the dog’s ears can rotate, tilt, stand up, and droop is because the dog’s ears have strong muscles connected to the ears. The stunt of only moving one at a time has finally found the reason~


Dogs have three eyelids. In addition to the upper and lower eyelids, there is also an inner corner of the eye. This third eyelid can wipe the dirt off the eyeballs~


The intranasal glands secrete mucus to keep the nose moist. These liquids capture odor molecules and help detect flavors. Nothing escapes its nose~ This is why, no matter how hidden the food at home is and how many layers of bags are wrapped, dogs can still quickly find the location of the food and drag it out. It is recommended to keep the food in a locked cabinet or high up.


Puppies start to change their teeth when they are four months old, and permanent teeth start to grow at this time. The shit shoveling officer can pay more attention to the four-month-old dog treasure~


Dogs, like humans, rely on their tongues to distinguish flavors. We humans have 9,000 taste buds, while dogs only have 1,700 taste buds. But dogs have taste buds that are specially designed to taste water and fat. If the powder is too bitter, you can mix the powder with sugar water and give it to the dog, and the dog will increase its willingness~~

Mouth and nose

The wrinkled mouth and nose represent that the dog is in a relaxed state; the mouth and nose are tight back, which means that it is nervous and wants to find someone to fight with (or try to avoid). Dogs with flat noses like Myna will not show exaggerated expressions because their noses are too small, but it is still no problem to convey emotions.


It can be said that a dog’s love of sadness is hung on the tail. The tail swings quickly and means it is very happy. A drooping tail means I am not happy. If you find that the dog has an arched back or clamped tail, it may be a sign of physical discomfort. At this time, you should pay more attention.

The soles of the feet

Dogs walk on their toes. Some breeds of dogs, such as Newfoundland dogs and beggars, have webbed toes like ducks.


The color, length, texture and thickness of the coat vary by breed. Light-colored coats may get sunburned, especially on the ears and nose.

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