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The algorithm and standard of bmi?

BMI, also known as body mass index, is currently the most commonly used tool in the world to measure the ratio of weight to height. It uses the ratio between height and weight to measure whether a person is too thin or overweight.

adult weight management

BMI is suitable for all adults aged 18 to 65, except children, developing adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly and the muscular. Calculation formula: BMI = weight/height squared (in international units kg/m2).

Asian standard of obesity: Asians are too small, and it is not suitable to be measured by the world standard of obesity. For example, when the BMI of Japanese is 24.9, the risk of hypertension increases threefold; for Chinese people in Hong Kong, the mortality rate is lowest at 23.7, and it starts to rise when it is higher. Experts believe that the obesity standard for Asians should be that the BMI is normal at 18.5-22.9, the BMI greater than 23 is overweight, and the BMI greater than 30 is obese. Chinese standards for obesity: Chinese experts believe that although Chinese people belong to the Asian race, the upper limit of the normal range of body mass index should be lower than the Asian standard. Some experts suggest that the optimal value of the Chinese body mass index should be 20-22, and the BMI greater than 27.9 is overweight, and the BMI greater than 30 is obese.

The airline’s calculation standard for adult weight?

The weight requirement is more than 50 kilograms.

1: The requirements for aviation professional pilots clearly stipulate that the height of pilots is between 165-185 cm and the weight is more than 50 kg; the weight requirements for recruiting pilots in civil aviation are calculated according to the body mass index, that is, the mass index (BMI) is not greater than 24 or less than 18.5, and BMI = weight (kg)/height (M) 2, so the specific weight needs to be tested by students themselves.

2: Height should not be less than 168 cm, and body mass index (BMI) should not be 24 or 18.5. Note: BMI = weight (kg)/height (M) 2, and any naked eye distance vision (C-word table) should not be less than 0. 5; There should be no history of corneal refractive correction surgery; There should be no color blindness, color weakness, night blindness, strabismus, and no severe trachoma or trichiasis.

How much does an adult weigh?

An adult generally weighs between 40 and 100 kilograms.

A natural person over the age of eighteen is an adult. A natural person under the age of eighteen is a minor. An adult is a person with full capacity for civil conduct and can independently perform civil legal acts.

Countries have different age regulations for adults according to the physical, intellectual development, habits and social requirements of their citizens. For example, Canada is 23 years old, Australia, the United States is 22 years old, Egypt, Singapore and other countries are 21 years old, Thailand is 20 years old, and Japan, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy are 18 years old.

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