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Teddy Breeding Manual?

Teddy dogs are a very popular small dog. Here are some suggestions from Teddy Breeding Manual:

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1. Diet: The diet of a Teddy dog should be based on high-quality dog food. You can choose the appropriate dog food brand and formula according to the age, weight and health status of the dog. At the same time, pay attention to controlling the amount of food the dog eats to avoid overfeeding leading to obesity.

2. Exercise: Teddy dogs need moderate exercise to stay healthy. You can take it out for walks, play, and some simple training and games every day.

3. Grooming: The hair of the teddy dog needs to be trimmed and groomed regularly. You can choose a professional pet groomer or learn some basic grooming skills by yourself.

4. Health: The teddy dog needs regular health checks and vaccinations. At the same time, attention should be paid to preventing some common diseases, such as skin diseases, eye diseases, dental problems, etc.

5. Training: The teddy dog is a smart and lively dog. It needs to be properly trained, such as basic obedience training, fixed-point urination training, etc.

6. Socializing: The teddy dog needs to socialize with other dogs and humans. You can take it to parks, pet stores, etc., so that it can make new friends.

In conclusion, the Teddy is a very cute and intelligent dog that needs the careful care and love of its owner. If you have any questions or need more suggestions, you can consult a professional pet doctor or pet groomer.

Essential daily necessities for dogs?

Hello, 1. Dog food and water basin: Choose dog food suitable for the dog’s age and weight, and provide it with fresh drinking water.

2. Dog bed: Provide a comfortable place for the dog to rest and sleep.

3. Dog leash and collar: Used to safely lead the dog for a walk and control its movements.

4. Dog Toys: Provides stimulation and entertainment to help dogs expend energy and exercise.

5. Dog Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Used to regularly clean the dog’s teeth and prevent oral diseases.

6. Dog toiletries: Includes dog shampoo, hair protector, and towels for regularly bathing and cleaning the dog’s body.

7. Dog Medicines: Keep some basic medicines, such as deworming medicines, pain relievers, and anti-inflammatories, on hand for emergencies.

8. Dog Treats: Used to reward and train the dog to improve its motivation and closeness.

9. Dog care products: such as nail clippers, brushes, and ear canal cleaners, etc., for regular dog care.

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