Weight management

Taobao clothing how to do the weight?

, regular new products

how to manage weight after delivery

In order to improve the weight of Taobao store, we need to update the product regularly, the new models are also skilled, not all at once, we can put it on the shelves in batches later. Update it often.

2. Do a good job of product title setting, details page design and other basic work

Can’t be lazy, to copy other people’s titles and details page, our store must have its own unique advantages, do a good job of basic work and services in the store, I believe that the traffic in the store will also increase, which will also improve the weight in the store.

3. Improving the store’s DSR score

is based on the three criteria of the store within half a year. These three criteria are the consistent description, service attitude, and delivery speed that we commonly see on Taobao. This score accounts for more and more weight on Taobao. High evaluations lead to high rankings, and low evaluations lead to lower traffic.

4. Do a good job in setting up public welfare baby

In order to improve the weight of Taobao stores, we must participate more in the services and activities officially launched by Taobao, such as baby public welfare activities, etc. If you go to participate once, you can also get a certain weight.

5. Do a good job of related sales

The role of related sales on product related sales cannot be ignored. Doing a good job of related sales can not only effectively improve the unit price of customers and bring more traffic to the store, but also improve the customer stay time and conversion rate, thereby reducing the store’s weighted bounce rate.

6. Do a good job of collecting and shopping cart

Do a good job of collecting and purchasing, you can let Brush Hand do a good job of collecting and purchasing. If there are more collections and purchases, Taobao will think that your baby is a popular baby, and it will also increase your baby weight. But Brush Hand should not collect and buy all, you can collect and buy several tasks.

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