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Taitai Washington’s height arm span?

189 cm, arm span 203 cm

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Taitai Washington, height 189 cm, weight 89 kg, arm span 203 cm, the first round of the 2022 29th overall draft. It is worth noting that the draft website originally simulated the draft pick, and Taitai will be in the 8-14 overall pick. From the perspective of personal talent, Taitai itself is better than the Knicks. Let’s combine it with the actual game and talk about why fans shiver when they see the Knicks. They are very much looking forward to Taitai playing.

McGee’s height and weight?

Javier McGee Position: Center Height: 2. 13/7 feet Weight: 108 kg/237 lbs Graduate school: University of Nevada (freshman) JaVale McGee (January 19, 1988 -), American NBA basketball player. The 18th overall pick in the first round of 2008 was selected by the Washington Wizards and has played since then, serving as a center/power forward position. Chinese name: JaVale McGee Foreign name: JaVale McGee Nationality: United States Birthplace: Flint, Michigan Date of birth: January 19, 1988 Graduate school: University of Nevada (Nevada) Height: 2. 13m/7 feet 0 inches Weight: 114. 3Kg/252 pounds Sports: Basketball Sports team: Washington Wizards Jersey number: 34 NBA Draft: 2008 1st round 18th was selected by the Wizards due to the Blazers guard Jerry Bayless (Jerry Bayless) in the summer league left wrist sprained out of the US national sparring team, according to Yahoo Sports reporter MarcJ. Spears revealed that the US Basketball Association decided to replace the Wizards’ second-year inner lineman JaVale McGee (JaVale McGee). Although McGee was eventually laid off, the potential that has begun to show is destined to make him a future dream team insider.

The tallest basketball player in the United States

George Mulesan, born in Romania on February 14, 1971, was selected by the Washington Bullets with the third overall pick in the second round of the 1993 draft. At 2.31 meters tall and weighing 137 kilograms, he is tied with Manute Pol NBA tallest player in history.

From a genetic point of view, he violates the common sense that genetics can explain, because his father is 1.7 meters and his mother is only 1. 6 meters, such a height is not outstanding in China, let alone Europe, which is generally tall and big. No one thought that such an ordinary couple could give birth to giants with such a terrifying height. In fact, the reason why George Muresan can grow to such a height is due to pituitary gland secretion disorder, which is commonly known as “gigantism”.

George averaged 14.5 points, 9.6 rebounds, 2.26 blocks in NBA’s best 95-96 games and won the 96th “Fastest Improved Player Award”. After playing 30 games in the 99-00 season, he bid farewell to NBA professional arena. After that, he participated in overseas leagues and announced his retirement in 2006.

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