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Swimming skin care sequence?

1. Soothing lotion, calming and moisturizing skin

facial skin care routine for swimmers

Not only the stimulation of outdoor swimming pools, but also the water in indoor swimming pools is very harmful to sensitive faces. After swimming, use a spray or wet lotion that is convenient to carry and retains enough humidity to inject moisture to calm dry itchy skin after swimming!

2. Steam cream is the most bonus

After swimming, you think entering the steam room is like enjoying making a face? If there is no cream to lock the water, everything is for nothing! If you don’t want to bake it more and more dry, please apply an appropriate amount of cream before entering the steam room, because it is covered with oil, so that the “water-locking muscle” can be steamed out! Special reminder for girls to remember to bring an ice towel when entering the steam room to avoid damage to the skin due to sudden temperature rise~

3. Use “oil” for both hair and body!

The care essential oil that can be used all over the body is a very good choice for people whose skin and hair are prone to dryness. It not only strengthens hair repair, but also seizes time to massage muscles, take into account moisturizing, and achieve double-effect care.

4. Emergency CPR for “Hair Mask Hair Oil”

In fact, the dryness of the hair cannot wait like the dryness of the face. After swimming, you should immediately use a hair mask to repair when bathing. Don’t think about dragging it home and dealing with it slowly. If you miss the golden repair period, the hair quality will be exhausted! Strengthen the replenishment of hair oil before blowing to keep the hair supple and not knotted!

How to take care of your skin after swimming?

After swimming, germs can easily remain on the skin. In addition, chlorine preparations are often used in swimming pools to disinfect, which is easy to irritate the skin. Therefore, you must wash the skin carefully after swimming. Generally speaking, the stratum corneum of the skin is not resistant to alkali. If you bathe with a soap with strong alkalinity, the skin will dry easily. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a weakly acidic and mild facial cleanser and body wash. Of course, you can also use a “swimming lotion”, which can help remove fungi and bacteria, and can also remove the smell of chlorine and bleach on the body, leaving the skin clean, smooth and moisturized.

After bathing, the skin will become drier due to the evaporation of water. Therefore, if you want to avoid dry skin, you should dry the excess water from the body immediately after bathing, apply a moisturizing toner and body lotion, and apply and gently massage every part of the body to help the skin absorb nutrients as soon as possible. In addition, you can make a mask at night to replenish moisture to dry skin on the face in time and take better care of the skin.

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