Weight management

Standard weight calculation formula for nurse examination?

1. Calculation of infant weight

parent interest in a school-based school nurse-led weight management program

1 to 6 months: birth weight month-old × 0. 7; 7 to 12 months: 6 month-old × 0. 25; 2 to 12 years: age × 2 8.

Note: The average birth weight is 3kg, and the weight at 3 to 4 months after birth is about 2 times that at birth. About 3 times at one year old and about 4 times at 2 years old.

2. Calculation of height for children

About 50cm at birth, about 65cm at half a year old; 75cm at one year old, 87cm at 2 years old; 2~ 12 years old height = age × 7 70 (or 75).

Note: Height less than 30% of normal is abnormal.

3. Head circumference

is about 33~ 34 at birth, with the fastest growth within one year old. 46cm at 1 year old, 48cm at 2 years old, 50cm at 5 years old, and close to adult 54~ 58cm at 15 years old.

Note: Head circumference measurement is most valuable before 2 years old.

4. Bust

Average 32cm at birth, and head circumference and bust circumference at one year old are roughly equal, about 46cm.

5. Teeth

Calculation formula for deciduous teeth: age -4 (or 6).

Note: deciduous teeth begin to erupt from 4 to 10 months after birth, and those who do not erupt from 12 months are delayed teething.

6. Fontanelle

At birth, it is 1. 5 to 2. 0cm, and 1 to 1. 5 years old (12 to 18 months) should be closed.

jc What does nursing mean?

Medically, jc stands for the Joint Committee on Accreditation of International Medical and Health Institutions, referred to as jc. An affiliate body used to certify medical institutions outside the United States. jc is composed of international experts in medical care, nursing, administration and public policy.

jc care

because the patient belongs to a multi-drug resistant patient. Need low-salt and low-fat diet, pay attention to control diet, weight control, etc. According to the patient’s treatment needs and bed living habits, and designed with family members can accompany, with multiple nursing functions

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