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spray used to set makeup?

When is the

It is used after applying the base makeup. The function of the setting spray is to set makeup, and it naturally needs to be used after the base makeup to have a good setting effect. When using the setting spray, you need to spray the spray about fifteen centimeters away from the face, and just spray a layer lightly. Spraying too much will affect the makeup. If you want a long-lasting makeup effect, setting makeup is indispensable, and setting spray is a very convenient setting product, and it will not be difficult for makeup novices to get started.

when to use facial spray in skin care routine

Use a moisturizing spray first or use skin care products first?

Use skin care products first.

Moisturizing spray can replace toner after cleansing, or you can use a moisturizing spray after cleansing, then wash it with cleansing milk and spray it on your face, and then pat it lightly with your hands to absorb. Using a moisturizing spray after cleaning can quickly replenish the moisture of the skin, and at the same time, it can also adjust the pH of the skin, relieve the irritation of the facial cleanser to the skin, and at the same time soften the keratin, let the skin better absorb, and prepare for later skin care products. In addition, you can also use a moisturizing spray in daily life. If the skin is dry, you can replenish the skin in time.

Can you use a moisturizing spray to replenish the moisture of the face at any time after makeup? Will it be bad for the skin?

Summarize the editor’s many years of skin care experience. After makeup, you can use a moisturizing spray to replenish facial moisture at any time

Because the spray contains hot spring water or mineral water, it is used to spray the face after makeup, which can replenish water to the skin without affecting the makeup. On the contrary, it can set makeup, prevent makeup removal or floating powder, and quickly replenish water for the skin.

After makeup, use a spray to replenish water

After applying makeup, use a moisturizing spray appropriately, which can quickly replenish the lost moisture for the skin and relieve the floating powder and makeup removal of the skin due to dryness.

Use a spray after makeup to avoid makeup

People with dry facial skin, if you use toner or other hydrating products after makeup, it is easy to have makeup. Using a moisturizing spray can avoid makeup problems.

How to use a moisturizing spray after makeup

1. Keep the spray nozzle 15-20 away from the face and balance it with the face, so that it can accept more moisture and has a balanced area. Generally, spray 2 to 3 times.

2. Gently press on the face with a cotton pad to absorb the excess spray moisture and avoid natural air drying.

3. People who want to replenish makeup can use a moisturizing spray first, and then replenish makeup, so that the makeup will be fresher.

I believe you have been a skin care expert for many years. What good skin care tips do you have to share?

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