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Some toners and lotions are lotion in English, how to distinguish them?

Usually milky toners are more moisturizing, and in fact the effect is somewhat close to lotion. Generally, toner is lotion, and lotion is emulsion. And a more refreshing toner is called toner. If there is a toner called lotion, then this toner naturally contains more nutrients and is more suitable for neutral and dry skin. After all, foreigners and Asians have different skin care procedures, so if you buy skin care products that are not native to foreign countries, you don’t have to pay too much attention to their English.

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For foreign skin care products, if it is written lotion, it means lotion. The toner is directly expressed as toner, and the two are very clear.

Asia’s largest cosmetics wholesale market?

Guangzhou Xingfa Plaza Cosmetics Wholesale Market is the largest cosmetics wholesale market in Asia. All kinds of brands of cosmetics and skin care products can be found. The market is also an important source of beauty and hairdressing products.

Xingfa Plaza is a large-scale professional beauty trading market operated, managed and invested by Guangzhou Hongfa Enterprise Co., Ltd. It is one of the 12 key projects in Guangzhou’s commercial and trade industry. It is also the most advanced, highest-grade and largest cosmetics exhibition and trading center in Asia.

Skin care products suitable for Asian women?

The following are skin care products suitable for Asian women:

1. Baiqingling: Baiqingling is a well-known domestic skin care brand in China. Its brand has a long history and has been committed to providing consumers with natural and mild high-quality skin care products. The product quality is deeply trusted by Chinese people.

2. Nature Hall: Nature Hall is a brand established in Shanghai in 2001. The brand is committed to finding skin care inspiration from nature and developing products for Chinese skin types. The product ingredients are natural and healthy, including skin care, makeup, sunscreen and other series.

3. Priya: Priya is a brand born in Hangzhou in 2003. It focuses on the research of deep-sea skin care products and is committed to providing consumers with scientific, safe and effective products. It has been very popular with consumers in recent years.

4. Oushiman: Oushiman is a skin care cosmetic brand under Zhejiang Oushiman Group Co., Ltd. The brand is dedicated to the study of pearl beauty, combining the beauty effects of pearls with skin care products, making it unique in China.

5. Herborist: Herborist is a brand established in Shanghai in 1998. The brand develops Chinese herbal skin care products for Chinese women’s skin types, and is committed to finding beauty methods from ancient recipes and inheriting traditional Chinese medical culture.

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