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Soak your feet first or take care of your skin first?

Soak your feet first and then take care of your skin. Soaking your feet is an excellent health behavior for your body. Often soaking your feet can promote blood circulation throughout the body. When you soak your feet, you will feel warm all over your body, and sometimes you will feel slightly sweating. At this time, the pores of the skin will open. If you take care of your skin at this time, it will help the skin care products to be absorbed by the skin. On the contrary, if you take care of your skin before that, the pores will open, which will cause the skin care products to fail to be absorbed and the essence to be lost.

skin care routine for open pores

How to use the Pore Cleansing Cream?

1. Before cleansing the skin, dry your hands and face. Take an appropriate amount of cleansing cream and point it on the forehead, cheeks, tip of the nose and chin in a five-point method. Massage with your fingers. The cleansing cream will gradually massage into a transparent state from a light cyan texture, and then water and oil will precipitate. For areas with strong oil secretion such as the forehead, focus on massage.

2. Apply your hands to the whole face in a circle and massage for 2-5 minutes. After the cleansing cream becomes such a transparent texture, wipe it off with a cotton pad and then clean the skin with water. You can see that there will be a lot of dirty things on the white cotton pad, which is the toxin discharged by the facial skin.

3. The use cycle of the cleansing cream. It is recommended that normal skin can be used every day. Each massage time should not exceed 2 minutes. The strength should be light. Everyone’s skin type is different. For people with sensitive skin, it can be used once a week. Each massage time should not be too long. 3-5 minutes is enough. The degree of force should be light. The correct use of the cleansing cream is the first step in skin care. The steps after the pores are not cleaned are equal to white.

How to use the pore cleansing cream?

How to use the pore cleansing cream is as follows: 1. Wash the face with warm water first to remove the oil and dirt on the surface 2. Squeeze an appropriate amount of the pore cleansing cream into the palm of your hand and gently apply it to the face 3. Gently massage the face with the pulp of your fingers, focusing on the T-zone and around the nose, avoiding the eyes and around the mouth 4. After 1-2 minutes of massage, wash the face with water 5. Finally, gently pat dry the face with a cotton pad or towel, and then proceed to the follow-up skin care steps. The method of using the pores cleansing cream is simple and easy to understand, and it is suitable for various skin types. The ingredients of the pores cleansing cream can penetrate deep into the pores, clean the dirt and oil of the face, and make the skin more refreshing. During the process of using the pores cleansing cream, attention should be paid to avoid the eyes and around the mouth, so as not to cause unnecessary irritation. At the same time, the frequency of use of the pores cleansing cream should also be appropriate. Excessive cleaning will affect the self-healing function of the skin.

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