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Skin evaluation method?

Commonly used skin test methods are: naked eye observation method, tissue wiping method, beauty magnifying glass observation method, beauty perspective lamp observation method, computer skin test method.

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naked eye observation method After thoroughly cleansing the face with a facial cleanser, dry the water with a towel, the skin will feel tight. Without any skin care products, quietly observe the skin condition and calculate the time when the skin tightness disappears. If the tightness disappears about 30 minutes after washing the face, it is normal skin; if the tightness disappears within 20 minutes after washing the face, it is oily skin; if the tightness disappears about 40 minutes after washing the face, it is dry skin.

How to test the sensitivity of skin care products?

The operation methods to test whether skin care products are allergic include the inner arm test, the behind-the-ear test, etc.

1. Inner arm test

Before the inner arm test starts, first prepare normal saline, a piece of gauze, airtight cellophane or film, and the tested cosmetics. Second, wet the gauze with normal saline and twist it to semi-dry, and fold the gauze into four layers, about one square centimeter in size. Then apply the skin care product to one side of the gauze, and then apply…

2. Behind the ear test

Since the skin behind the ear is particularly similar to the skin on the face, and the skin behind the ear is more sensitive, the behind-the-ear test can see the test results in time. First wash the ear with water or facial cleanser, dry the excess water with a clean towel after washing, and then dip a small amount of skin care products in a medical cotton swab and apply it behind the ear with your hands and gently rub it

How to test the sensitivity of skin care products is the most accurate?

The methods of testing the sensitivity of skin care products include using samples, testing the skin behind the ear, observing the skin reaction, etc., as follows:

1. Use sample: You can ask the merchant to give a small part of the skin care product trial when purchasing skin care products, or pick up the sample at the counter for trial. Observe the skin reaction first. If there is no discomfort, you can determine whether to continue using the skin care product.

2. Skin test behind the ear: Apply the skin care product behind the ear or the back of the hand and other parts to observe the skin reaction. Since these parts are not easy to contact the human circulatory system, if there is discomfort during use, it will not affect daily life. This method can be used to determine whether the skin care product is suitable for sensitive skin.

3. Do not apply too much when trying: Applying too much will cause the product to stay on the surface of the skin for too long, which is not conducive to the observation of allergic reactions.

The above is the sensitivity test method of skin care products. You need to pay attention to observe the skin changes, and at the same time, you need to be patient. If there is any discomfort, do not use the skin care product, and contact the merchant or counter staff in time.

In addition, everyone’s skin reaction may be different, so it is best to try the skin care product on different parts to determine whether it is suitable for your skin type. In addition, choosing a well-known brand with a good reputation and reputation can also reduce the risk of sensitivity test. The most important thing is that the sensitivity test process of skin care products is not necessary. Many brands and merchants offer a risk-free return and exchange policy. If you have doubts about a certain product, you can also return and exchange it directly.

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