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Skin care water milk Qizi powder how to adjust the mask?

Skin care water milk Qizi powder can be used to make the mask, the specific steps are as follows: Materials: 1. Skin care water: You can choose the one that suits you according to your skin type, such as rose water, lavender water, etc. 2. Lotion/cream: You can also choose the one that suits you according to your skin type. 3. Qizi powder: You can buy it at a pharmacy or a cosmetic store. Steps: 1. Prepare a small bowl and pour an appropriate amount of Qizi powder into the bowl. 2. Gradually add the skin care water and stir continuously with your fingers until the Qizi powder is stirred into a uniform paste. 3. Add an appropriate amount of lotion/cream and stir well. Be careful not to add too much lotion, otherwise the mask will be too dense and difficult to apply. 4. Use a makeup brush or finger to apply the mask evenly on the face, avoiding the eye area and lip area. 5. Wait 10-15 minutes, wash the mask with warm water after it dries, and then carry out the daily skin care routine after use. Precautions: 1. Be sure to pay attention to the proportion when preparing the mask, so as not to be too dense or too thin. 2. Qizi powder is irritating, so be especially careful for people with sensitive skin. It is recommended to test whether it will be allergic first. 3. When using the mask, be sure to avoid the eye area and lip area, so as not to affect the normal physiological functions.

how to add sheet mask in skin care routine

How to use the mask correctly without glue?

1. The first step of applying the mask, be sure to wash your face! Only by washing your face can the pores open and the essence of the mask can be introduced into our skin. It is best to cleanse your face with warm water.

2. The second step of applying the mask is to apply a warm towel to your face. In order to increase the skin’s absorption capacity, you can apply a warm towel to your face after cleansing; if there is no towel, you can soak it in warm water for one minute with a sponge and then wring it out and apply it to your face, so that the pores open and ensure that the face absorbs the essence of the mask better and smoothly.

3. The third step of applying the mask is to warm the mask. Soaking the mask in warm water will help the essence of the mask absorb; when the mask feels slightly hot, the essence can be smoothly transmitted to the bottom layer of our skin to exert the effect of the essence.

4. The fourth step of applying the mask is to apply the mask in the correct way. When opening the mask, clamp the mask with two index fingers and middle fingers, and then gently apply it to the face. Then, gently press the air off with our fingertips, and cooperate with the massage technique to fully absorb the essence of the mask.

5. Precautions for applying the mask: Just apply it for 15-20 minutes. Don’t wait until the mask is completely dry before tearing it off. This will only suck moisture from the face and make the skin drier.

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