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Skin care water cream steps?

Order of use: use skin care water first, then use lotion, and finally use cream. After washing your face each time, the pores are open and water is lost a lot. Moisturizing skin care water can quickly replenish water for the skin, but it has poor water-locking ability and evaporates quickly. Using moisturizing lotion after using moisturizing water can slow down the evaporation speed, making the lotion form a protective film on the skin, which is more hydrated and smooth.

fast skin care routine

Finally, use the cream, which can serve the purpose of locking water.

All the correct steps for skin care?

1. Cleaning

After a night of sleep, the face will accumulate too much skin secretions and cellular metabolic waste, so morning cleaning is inevitable. First soak the face with warm water, squeeze an appropriate amount of facial cleanser into the palm of your hand, rub the facial cleanser into a small foam with both hands, then apply it evenly to the face, gently circle and massage with your fingers, and finally rinse it off with water.

2. Deep Cleansing

After using the facial cleanser, there will still be some uncleaned keratin on the surface of the skin, or a lot of dirt accumulated near the mouth of the hair follicles, so the next step is to do a deep cleaning. Dip a cotton swab in a small amount of makeup water and gently wipe it from bottom to top and from the inside out to remove excess oil, dander and dirt on the surface of the skin.

3. Apply eye cream

Women are prone to crow’s feet, dark circles and bags under the eyes, so apply eye cream with moisturizing and anti-aging effects. Gently pat around the eyes with the pulp of your fingers to promote local blood circulation.

4. Apply cream or lotion

The cream has moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging effects. It is suitable for facial and neck skin absorption. The cream is suitable for women with dry skin. The cream is suitable for neutral or oily skin types. Rub your hands hot first, dip a small amount of product and apply to the neck and face, and then gently massage your hands in a circle to promote the skin to absorb the nutrients.

5. Apply the essence

The essence is rich in nutrients, which contains concentrated trace elements and serum ingredients, which can quickly replenish nutrients to the skin. After rubbing your hands hot, take an appropriate amount of essence and apply it evenly on the face, avoiding the eyes, and then gently press the U area with the palm of your hand. The T area gently taps the skin with the pulp of your fingers, which is conducive to the absorption of essence ingredients.

Correct use steps for skin care products?

Morning Skin Care Order

step1: Cleansing

After getting up in the morning, there will be different degrees of oil on the face. Although it is not much, it is difficult to wash with water. It is recommended to wash the face with cleansing products with weaker cleaning power in the morning, which will make the skin much clearer.

step2: Toner

After washing the face, pat the toner. The toner can provide the skin with secondary cleansing and basic moisturizing and hydrating. It is an indispensable skin care product for girls of all ages.

step3: Essence

Essence is a product with smaller molecules and more nutritional value in skin care products, especially when it comes to the age of maturity, essence is indispensable. Essence has the effect of maintaining stability and anti-aging and fading fine lines.

step4: face cream

face cream is a paste-like texture, which can play a deeply hydrating role, and can also lock the moisture and nutrients of the front skin care products to form a protective film for the skin.

step5: eye cream

eye cream is a skin care product that is applied to the skin around the eyes alone. It can provide moisture to the skin around the eyes. Because the skin in this part is more fragile, and there are no pores, it is not easy to absorb ordinary water milk, you need to use a separate eye cream.

step6: sunscreen

Rather than understanding sunscreen as cosmetics, it is better to understand it as skin care products. It can prevent the skin from tanning, aging, and sunburn. Whether it is a hot summer or autumn festival with strong ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet rays exist, so remember to apply sunscreen all year round.

Skin care sequence at night

Do makeup remover first.

After applying makeup during the day, you must remember to remove makeup when you get home at night. The facial cleanser cannot wash the makeup on the skin, but a professional makeup remover or makeup remover oil should be used.

The residues in the cosmetics are not clean, it is easy to clog the pores, make the skin dark yellow and dull, and it is also easy to age, so remember to remove makeup no matter how late.

First of all, after removing the makeup, just use the cleansing product to wash the remaining makeup residues and dust and dirt on the face.

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Then, you can apply a mask to yourself.

The mask contains a variety of plant extracts, which can quickly provide moisture and nutrients to the skin. In addition, the moisturizing mask can be applied every day, and the whitening, exfoliating and other functional masks can be applied once a week or so.

Finally, apply toner, essence, cream, and eye cream. The function and order of these skin care products are the same as in the morning.

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