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Skin care steps of Chanel?

1. PURETEIDESLESERUM—- Chanel Cleansing Essence Condensation (Essence) (mainly oil control) Efficacy: Regulates oil secretion, improves skin texture and prevents acne and blisters.

cold weather skin care routine

2. HYDRAMAX ACTIVESERUM—- Chanel Moisturizing Vitality Lotion (Lotion) (mainly moisturizing) Efficacy: Soothes dry skin and maintains a soft and delicate balance of skin.

3. HYDRAMAX ACTIVE—-Chanel Moisturizing Vitality Cream (Cream) (mainly moisturizing) Efficacy: Soothes the discomfort of dry skin and maintains a soft and delicate skin. Daily skin care steps: cleansing – lotion – essence – eye cream – lotion (face cream) No. 1 is the essence, so it should be rubbed after the lotion and before the lotion or cream. The main function is to regulate oil secretion. No. 2 is a moisturizing lotion that can be used in hot seasons with a refreshing texture. No. 3 is a moisturizing cream that can be used in cold and dry seasons with a thick and dense texture. If you still don’t understand, you can tell me. I actually didn’t choose the best answer until the end. Sweat… It’s a waste of effort

Winter solstice skin care copy?

The winter solstice is here, and the weather is getting cooler. At the moment when the seasons change, our skin also needs special care. Here are some winter solstice skin care copywriting:

1. Winter solstice skin care, so that your skin can stay hydrated in the cold winter.

2. Winter solstice is here, remember to put on a warm coat for your skin.

3. Take care of your skin so that it is no longer dry this winter.

4. Winter solstice skin care, let your skin rejuvenate.

5. Cold winter, skin care is essential.

6. Winter solstice skin care, let your skin stay young.

7. Skin care regardless of the season, winter solstice should also keep your skin hydrated.

8. Winter skin care, so that your skin can stay healthy in the cold winter.

9. Winter solstice skin care, so that your skin can glow in winter.

10. Winter solstice skin care, so that your skin can also show its charming charm in winter.

Hope these copywriting can help you promote the importance of winter solstice skin care.

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