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Skin care steps of astaxanthin and hyaluronic acid?

First astaxanthin and then hyaluronic acid

hyaluronice acid serum first step in skin care routine

The astaxanthin stock solution can be used before and after water. And it is usually used as a muscle bottom fluid, that is, before water. Hydrate the skin after cleansing the face, and then use the astaxanthin stock solution to deeply hydrate, so that the skin is in a highly moist state. With skin care products such as essence, lotion, cream, etc., the skin will drink water during the whole skin care process, showing a full and full state.

Which of hyaluronic acid stock solution and essence should be used first?

1. The correct order is to use the hyaluronic acid stock solution first to moisturize the skin, then use the essence, and finally use the lotion to lock in water and moisturize.

2. Hyaluronic acid can not only be used alone, but also mixed with lotions, creams, and eye creams to increase the moisturizing effect of these skin care products. Take one dosage and mix it with a drop of hyaluronic acid, and apply it according to the usual method. Do not mix the whole bottle of skin care products, which will affect its shelf life. In addition, mixing one skin care product at a time is enough, there is no need to use too much hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid first or water milk first?

According to the order of skin care, hyaluronic acid is used first, and then the lotion is used. Generally speaking, the order of use of skin care products is selected according to the degree of thinness and dryness. Generally, the thinner one is used in the front.

Water-type skin care products such as water and hyaluronic acid should be used first after cleansing. The lotion should be used to clean the face before the final use is recommended.

How to use the four-piece hyaluronic acid rejuvenation water light repair kit?

The first step is dermatology whitening and light spot serum, instead of the usual lotion, toner, etc. For oily skin, pat it in with your hands. For dry skin, it is best to be gentle. After the shoot, you will feel that the skin comes to the spring garden, full of vitality, the elasticity of the skin has also been improved, and the safe ingredients can also be used on the skin around the eyes, which can relieve fine lines at the corners of the eyes.

The second step is hyaluronic acid water light essence. You don’t need too much in summer. In the T-shaped part, put a drop on your cheeks and chin, and spread it evenly. In winter, because the skin will be drier, the dosage can be slightly more, and the dosage can also be increased by 5-10% at night. Because skin repair requires more ability at night, the pores will shrink significantly when you get up the next day, which is especially useful for ladies with red blood and acne muscles.

The third step is skin care. The two cheats can solve 80% of skin problems as long as they are done The function of the repair and regeneration cream is to efficiently replenish water, calm and soothe, and shrink pores. It is said that it is easier to use than Liberney and Lamer (in fact, it is more suitable for our skin type). It locks in water and moisturizes all day. Don’t be afraid in the heating room and air-conditioned room.

Step 4 Apply a Dali White Bottle, use it after the regeneration cream, and brighten the skin as a whole. It is recommended to use it during the day

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