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Skin care steps for an 18-year-old boy?

Wash your face: Just use facial cleanser during the day. At night, use makeup remover first, and then facial cleanser. You must remove makeup after makeup or using barrier cream or sunscreen.

diy summer skin care routine

Use toner: Wipe your face with a cotton pad dipped in toner, which can play a secondary cleaning role. If you want to moisturize, pat your face directly with your hands, but not too heavy, just pat it lightly. No matter which method you use, you must use it until the skin is not dry.

Use the serum: first rub your hands hot, apply the serum evenly on your face, pay attention to the essence ingredients to avoid the skin around the eyes, gently press the U area of the face with your palm, and press gently from bottom to top and from outside to inside to ensure the complete absorption of the essence ingredients. Repeat the T area in the same way. Finally, use your finger belly to gently tap the skin on your face, 100 times as a group, and perform 3 groups.

Moisturizing: Choose different moisturizing skin care products according to your skin type. If the skin is dry in autumn and winter, use cream, day cream during the day, and night cream. Just use milk when the skin is moist in spring and summer. If you don’t apply the mask for skin care at night, this is the last step!

Isolation:. Take an appropriate amount of isolation cream on both cheeks, forehead, chin, use the middle finger and ring finger to stretch down from the cheek;. Extend to the center of the forehead, stretch to both sides, and then pat lightly until fully absorbed.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen should be selected according to your own needs and the SPF and PA value of the sunscreen. The length of effect of the sunscreen depends on the size of the SPF value. Take SPF15 as an example, its effect time is (15 × 10 minutes = 150 minutes), that is to say, SPF15 means that the effect of sunscreen is 15 times that of 10 minutes. It is not to say that the longer the better, because the longer the burden on the skin will be heavier. If you are not engaged in outdoor work or sports for a long time, it is not recommended that you use high times.

The correct way to take care of skin at the age of 18

First: Use something natural or less irritating.

Children’s skin cream: It is recommended not to use oily ones, it is better to use water-based ones. I used Yumeijing, which has been used for more than 20 years. Before, this one was only suitable for winter use. Now it has a new product with water, and it can also be used in summer.

For the cleaning of T-shaped parts, you can use exfoliating items for care. This should be purchased according to your own skin. It is not suitable for any kind of skin. It is best not to use dry ones.

Cleansing: You can buy a facial cleanser with more plant ingredients. Try to use cold water when washing your face in the morning, and hot water first and then cold water at night. This can keep the skin very elastic.

Toner: It is best not to use it. You can use cucumber juice (cucumber is more irritating and is not recommended for dry skin) or watermelon juice and watermelon rind instead (be sure to wash with water after use). If you use watermelon rind, you can directly eat the watermelon and stick the skin to your face. You can wash it in about 10 minutes. Watermelon rind and cucumber have a good heat-clearing effect, which can make the skin more elastic.

Mask: You can make a simple mask by yourself and use it. Use cucumber (strawberry, lemon), milk, honey, pearl powder, egg white and a little flour to stir into a paste and apply to the face to dry. Stir cucumber and other things into a soup and combine with those things. (Lemon can be used for oily skin)

Second: Don’t use too much force when taking care of it. You are always afraid that you will not get it clean and rub it hard with your hands, which will easily hurt the skin. When you are ready to remove the care products on your face, rinse with water. This will not hurt the skin. Be sure to wash it with water, use more water, it is much better than rubbing it hard with your hands, and it is easy to wash off the dirty substances on your face. Rubbing with your hands is only an auxiliary effect.

The correct steps for summer skin care

1. Cleaning

Many women do not pay enough attention to cleaning steps. They often use cleaning products that are too alkaline or have too much cleaning power and are not suitable for summer skin characteristics. This will not only fail to cleanse the skin benignly and thoroughly, but also damage the sebaceous film. Therefore, proper cleaning in summer is an important prerequisite for skin care, and it is particularly important than other seasons.

2. Conditioning

Conditioning water, commonly known as toner or lotion, is very important in skin care in all seasons. In summer, we should choose a refreshing awakening water that focuses on balance, hydration, convergence and bacteriostatic functions according to the physiological conditions of the skin in this season.

3. Whitening

Ultraviolet rays can easily turn the skin yellow and black, causing pigmentation, aggravation of pigmentation, and easy loss of moisture. Since people like comfortable and unburdened skin care in summer, a light pure plant formula cream with whitening, hydration, nutrition and less oil is the most suitable for summer skin care.

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a way to prevent skin tanning, sunburn, pigmentation, pigmentation aggravation and prevent photoaging in summer. Sunscreen products are divided into chemical sunscreens and plant-based sunscreen products. The weakness of chemical sunscreen products is that they can cause skin aging, and some people develop allergies. Plant-based sunscreen products with UV isolation, anti-photoaging, comprehensive protection and refreshing and breathable are of course the ideal choice.

5. Antioxidant Repair

In addition to using basic skin care products with antioxidant function, regular use of face stickers with antioxidant and repair function is also a good maintenance method. The face stickers are simple to use and have outstanding results. Especially when used immediately after sun exposure, the skin can get immediate improvement results.

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