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Skin care steps after washing your face at night?

1. Remove makeup thoroughly, then clean it well, and apply a cleansing mask. If you have blackheads on your face or close your mouth a lot, you can use a cleansing mask. A cleansing mask can clean the garbage in your skin more thoroughly.

benefit the porefesional night skin care routine

2. Exfoliate. Exfoliation does not need to be done every day, about once a week. Then take a toner!

3. Hydrating mask. If your second step is to make a cleansing mask, you must make a moisturizing mask after finishing the cleansing mask.

4. Apply eye cream, essence and night cream, and choose a nutritious night cream for the skin to allow the skin to absorb it well during sleep.

Normal skin care steps after washing your face at night?

If you wash your face at night, the normal skin care steps are to apply some toner on your face, then apply skin care essence, and finally apply lotion. This can keep the skin moisturized and nutritious.

What are the steps for skin care after washing your face at night?

Answer as follows: The skin care steps after washing your face at night generally include the following steps:

1. Makeup remover: Use makeup remover products to completely remove makeup from the face and prevent makeup residues from clogging pores.

2. Cleansing: Use facial cleanser or cleansing products to clean the face, remove dirt and oil, and make the skin refreshing and clean.

3. Toning: Use toner or makeup water to help the skin adjust the balance of water and oil, purify pores, and lay a good foundation for subsequent skin care products.

4. Skin care: Use skin care products such as serum, cream, and eye cream to moisturize the skin, repair the skin, and improve skin texture.

5. Mask: According to personal skin needs and conditions, choose suitable mask products for applying to the face to help the skin deeply moisturize, repair and brighten.

6. Sleep: After the end of skin care at night, maintain good sleep habits to allow the skin to fully rest and repair. Regarding this issue, the skin care steps after washing the face at night are as follows:

1. Toner: Dab the face with a cotton sheet or palm to remove residual dirt and oil, adjust the pH of the skin, and prepare for subsequent skin care products.

2. Essence: Choose the essence that suits your skin type and apply it evenly on your face to help deeply nourish the skin and enhance the skin’s resistance.

3. Eye Cream: Gently apply an appropriate amount of eye cream around the eyes to help relieve eye fatigue and fade dark circles and bags under the eyes.

4. Face Cream: Choose the suitable face cream according to the skin type and apply it to your face to help moisturize the skin, enhance the skin’s moisturizing effect, and promote the repair of the skin at the same time.

5. Lip Mask: You can apply a layer of lip mask at night to deeply moisturize the lips and prevent dry and cracked lips.

6. Sleep Mask: If the skin needs deep nourishment, you can choose to use a sleep mask and apply it to the face to fully repair and nourish the skin at night.

Note: The above steps can be adjusted according to your skin condition and skin care needs.

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