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Skin care steps after the age of 25 and how to maintain it?

After a woman turns 25, all the functions of the body begin to age

best skin care routine for 25 year old

. The most easily visible part is our largest organ, the skin. How can we tolerate so many aging phenomena in the skin that used to be so attractive? How can a woman maintain her skin after the age of 25? Skin state after the age of 25 – The symptoms of skin aging after the age of 25 are manifested in many ways. After being scorched by the sun, it is difficult for the skin to return to whitening, and even spots grow around the eyes. The skin sometimes feels tight and loses its luster;

The elasticity of the skin gradually decreases, and fine wrinkles are found around the corners of the eyes and nose.

Maintenance essentials: The above skin aging phenomena are all caused by the loss of moisture in the skin, the slow decrease of cellular metabolic function, and the loss of excessive nutrients, which leads to skin relaxation. For this reason, we prescribe the right medicine, from hydration, protection, nutritional supplementation and massage to tighten the skin

1: Effective hydration

Reason: If the skin loses too much moisture, it will secrete oil to protect the skin. Not only does the frequent oily light on the face turn people off, but the long-term dehydration of the skin is the culprit of wrinkles.

Method: After getting up in the morning and cleansing at night, gently apply a day and night moisturizing lotion to the face and massage it slightly, and insist on doing this basic work every day.

Function: The moisturizing lotion itself contains a moisturizing formula, covering the surface of the skin with a protective film, which can also lock in moisture to prevent water loss from evaporating too quickly and achieve water and oil balance.

Motion 2: UV protection

Reason: The imitation and oxidation effects of the outside world on the skin are very large. For example, dust will block pores, sun exposure will promote melanin production, and even promote skin pigmentation. Now that urban air pollution is so serious, the damage of harmful substances in the air to the skin is immeasurable.

Method: Use a sunscreen

cream with repair ingredients before going out, because the skin after the age of 25 already needs more than just defense. If you want to apply makeup at ordinary times, use bb cream before applying makeup. It not only has the function of sun protection, but also can isolate external pollution

Function: Sunscreen and repair during the day can comprehensively block free radicals, block some ultraviolet rays, and isolate dust damage.

Method 3: Supplement collagen

Reason: Collagen is the main component of the skin, accounting for one-third of the total protein content of the skin, and is the main ingredient to maintain skin moisture and elasticity. But with the loss of years, the collagen in the skin also begins to lose

Method: In addition to applying basic moisturizing milk after cleansing at night, there are also high-nutrient products such as essence and muscle bottom fluid introduced into massage and absorption!

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