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Skin care steps after taking a shower?

Take care of your skin immediately after taking a shower, instead of blow-drying your hair before taking care of your skin. Take advantage of the softer exfoliation and fullness of moisture on your body after taking a shower. At this time, skin care can make your skin more moisturized and absorb nutrients more thoroughly. If you wait for blow-drying your hair before taking care of your skin, all the moisture in your skin has evaporated, and it is easy to dry and peel.

proper skin care routine during shower

Skin care tutorial before taking a shower?

The correct order of bathing: wash your face, hands and feet first, then rinse your body, and finally wash your hair.

► Washing your face is the beginning of bathing. Due to the evaporation of hot air, the pores of your face will increase. At this time, if you do not wash your face immediately, the dirt stored in the day will enter the inside of the face along the pores, and then clog the pores. Do not rinse directly with a shower when washing your face. The water pressure sprayed by the shower is too high and too strong, and it is easy to hurt the skin. It is best to wash your face gently by splashing your hands to take care of the delicate skin of your face.

► After washing your face, you can clean your body. The water temperature during bathing should be close to the body temperature, that is, about 40 ° C, subject to non-scalding. It is best to control the bathing time within 20 minutes. You can choose a more moisturizing body wash, lather the body wash with water and apply it to the whole body. Alkaline soap is not recommended. When rubbing, it is recommended to use hand rubbing or a soft bath towel. The action should be gentle. Try not to use nylon bath towels or bath brushes, so as not to damage the skin barrier function.

► After washing the body, the hair has been fully moisturized in the steam, and the best time to shampoo is coming. Pour an appropriate amount of shampoo on your hands or foaming net to make a rich foam, apply it evenly to your hair, put your hair on the top and gently massage your scalp with your fingertips for a while, rinse with water, and then apply conditioner evenly (note: when using conditioner, do not apply to the root of your hair, it should be at least 1-2 cm away from your scalp), gently massage for three or four minutes and then rinse off, so that your hair will be very supple.

After taking a shower, you should use a soft and dry towel or bath towel to dry the moisture on the surface of your skin. Do not rub the skin hard with a towel, and then wipe the body lotion immediately, because at this time the pores on the surface of the skin are open and have strong permeability, which can absorb the body lotion well.

The correct way to take care of your skin before and after swimming?

1. Cleaning before launching is particularly important. This operation mainly cleans the face and body, which can wash away the sweat on the body and effectively prevent germs in the swimming pool. Cosmetics and sunscreens themselves are chemical industry products. Some substances and chlorine they carry produce chloramines, which irritate the skin.

2. Cleaning products can choose bath oil, which has good cleaning power and can leave a thin oily protective film on the surface of the skin, appropriately reducing the damage caused by soaking in water during swimming. However, in the position of the face, be careful not to apply the cream, because after applying it, it will cause us to wear glasses that do not fit, resulting in water ingress.

Clean after swimming

Even if it is a qualified swimming pool, but due to the large number of people, the turbidity of the water will increase, so the skin will be dirty after swimming. At this time, cleaning is particularly important. After getting out of the water, dry the water all over the body to avoid the moisture in the body being taken away, and the skin will be severely dry.

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