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Skin care steps after taking a bath?

There are still many basic skin care treatments after taking a bath. If you don’t pay attention to skin care at ordinary times, there will be many problems with your skin.

skin care routine before shower

1 Apply a mask:

When it comes to applying a mask, we are most familiar with it, but it is not applying it to the face, but to the body. Is it very strange? After we take a bath, the dirty things in the pores are cleaned up, but at this time our pores are still in a relaxed state, so we have to apply some masks when the pores are relaxed, so that we can better absorb it.

2 Apply body lotion:

After bathing, the skin will instantly become very dry and tight. Since the dead skin on the surface of our skin is cleaned up, our skin will become very fragile. At this time, we can use some body lotion that suits us. Be sure to choose one that suits you and apply it to your body to lock in the body’s moisture and make the body’s skin smooth and tender.

3 Replenish moisture:

You should drink a lot of warm water after bathing, because we are in a hot and humid environment when bathing. In order to maintain a constant body temperature, our body will eliminate sweat. Because we need to eliminate sweat, our body will indeed be less hydrated, so we should drink some warm water in moderation at this time to replenish the moisture our body needs. Bathing represents the beginning of skin care. As long as we stick to it, our skin will get better and better!

Skin care steps after bathing?

1. After taking a shower, use toner for basic skin maintenance. After the toner is absorbed by the skin, the pores will naturally open, and then use essence, lotion and cream. The cream also has a certain water-locking effect when used at the end to achieve a better moisturizing effect and avoid too dry skin.

2. The skin is relatively dehydrated after taking a shower, so it is necessary to replenish some moisture and nutrients in time. If time permits, you can apply a moisturizing mask after using the toner. The use of the mask can better improve dry skin and make the skin smoother and more hydrated.

The process of taking a bath in a health center?

1. There are preparations:

1. Change the temperature of the air: Warm the temperature of the bathroom properly. If possible, you can put a heater in the bathroom.

2. Prepare the tub: Add water to the tub and heat it to 37 ° C to 38 ° C. If the temperature outside is very low, you can properly heat it to 2 ° C to 3 ° C. Add essential oils, mulberry and rose oil and other skin care agents to the tub.

2. Formal bath:

1. Adjust the water temperature in the bathroom to a suitable temperature.

2. Wash your hands and feet with warm water first, brush your body, and wash your hair, and finally immerse your whole body in the tub to take a bath.

3. Keep breathing regularly, maintain a relaxed mood, slowly relax the whole body, and slowly expand the capillaries to make the body more flexible.

4. The time of immersion in the water should generally not exceed 20 minutes, which is more helpful for purifying the skin and regulating body temperature.

3. Exit the bathtub:

1. After taking a bath, stand half-body from the bathroom first, and then slowly exit the bathtub. Try not to release the water from the bathtub at one time, which will make the air in the whole bathroom humid.

2. The above arm cold water immersion is like this. Following these processes can make us better experience the fun of the bath. We must pay attention to safety and prevent accidents

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