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Skin care sequence after salicylic acid?

After brushing acid with salicylic acid, skin care should be based on moisturizing and moisturizing. After brushing acid, the stratum corneum of the skin will become very thin. At this time, if it is too cleaned, it will destroy the protective layer on the surface of the skin, making the skin sensitive, fragile, and easily damaged by external factors. Therefore, after brushing acid, you should replenish nutrients and moisture to the skin in time, and you should not do deep cleansing work.

skin care routine steps with salicylic acid

The skin after brushing acid is more fragile than normal, so the safety protection of the skin should be done in place. In particular, the use of sunscreen and barrier cream is essential in daily skin care work. After brushing acid, the skin’s resistance to ultraviolet rays from the sun will become very poor. Therefore, the sun protection work should be more strict than usual to prevent the skin from being sunburned and tanned by ultraviolet rays. The skin after brushing acid has a skin-changing effect, but its side effect is that the protective layer of the skin becomes thinner and brittle. So after brushing acid, skin care work should be more careful and cautious. In addition to maintaining the skin with water milk with moisturizing and moisturizing effect, special attention should be paid to diet conditioning in daily life. Try to avoid foods high in protein, sugar, spicy and irritating. Eat more foods rich in vitamins and amino acids can help restore the stratum corneum.

What are the skin care steps of salicylic acid? Some people say that before using water, some people say that in water……

Before using the lotion, use it when you just wash your face~ But be careful not to brush the whole face, and you don’t need to brush it every day

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Salicylic acid water milk steps?

01 Before using salicylic acid, you should clean your face.

02 Do not apply salicylic acid for more than 15 minutes each time. Generally speaking, it is enough to apply it once a week. Do not use it every day. Frequent use can easily cause dry skin.

03 After using salicylic acid, you should wash your face with water. Then apply toner or skin cream.

Moisturize. Salicylic acid can repair acne or closed mouth on the face. Usually, long-term use can only see the effect.

Correct the correct skin care steps for brushing acid with salicylic acid?

The first step is to clean the face. Salicylic acid is used to cleanse the face for the second time, so the facial skin should be cleaned for the first time before that. If you use salicylic acid for the first time, tap some salicylic acid behind the ear and wait for 5 minutes to observe to test the skin’s tolerance to salicylic acid to avoid discomfort or allergies.

The second step is to wipe. First, use the raised side of the cotton sheet to wipe the areas with acne, blackheads, and dirt on the face. Then simply take it over the whole face. At this time, the dirt on the face has basically been wiped out.

The third step is to apply a wet compress. Use the smooth side of the cotton sheet to apply a wet compress, not for too long, to avoid the negative effects of applying for too long.

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