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Skin care products that can be bought in pharmacies?

The cheap and easy-to-use skin care products in pharmacies are Vitamin E Cream and Chunjuan Astragalus Cream. The texture of Vitamin E Cream is between lotion and cream, which can be easily absorbed by the skin. Vitamin E can play a role in whitening and moisturizing the skin. The ingredients of Astragalus in Chunjuan Astragalus Cream reach 30%, which can improve the symptoms of dry skin

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Can you buy skin care products in pharmacies?

There will be some skin care products in pharmacies. Divided by category: there are acne removal, freckle removal, and frostbite removal, and these categories belong to skin care products. Some pharmacies also have some hand creams, anti-frostbite creams, and sunburn creams, especially sunburn creams, which are only available in general pharmacies.

How can pharmacies sell cosmetics and skin care products?

Now many pharmacies produce cosmetics such as masks, as well as pads and sanitary napkins.

Which step should glycerin be used in skin care?

1. When using, put it behind the lotion: Skin care glycerin is used after skin care, that is, behind the lotion.

2. Just apply it directly: Generally, the glycerin bought in pharmacies or supermarkets is an aqueous solution of glycerin that has been diluted and will not cause irritation to the skin.

3. You can add white vinegar or honey for beauty: Mix glycerin with white vinegar or honey to play a role in whitening, moisturizing, supplementing nutrition, and anti-aging.

4. Can be used to remove makeup: It has a certain makeup remover effect, can emulsify and dissolve oil stains on the face, and even thick eye makeup can be removed.

What skin care products should I buy at the pharmacy for my medical insurance card?

The medical insurance card cannot buy skin care products in the pharmacy. If we want to buy it in the pharmacy, only some protect the skin and prevent the skin from cracking or allergies. Some medical maintenance skin care products can be applied. For example, our skin is prone to cracking in winter, so we can buy a little urea cream, but other beauty products do not have vitamin A skin care products. How to use it correctly?

1. You can apply it directly: buy vitamin E capsules in the pharmacy, and then puncture the vitamin E capsules with a sterilized needle. Squeeze out the vitamin E inside and pour it into your hands, put your hands together to heat up the vitamin E, dip your fingers in some points on your face, and gently pat your face with your hands until the vitamin E is absorbed by the skin on your face.

2. Use with honey: Prepare a small bowl, pour an appropriate amount of honey, then squeeze a little lemon juice down, poke the vitamin E capsules and pour them in, use a small spoon to mix them evenly and apply to your face.

3. Mix pearl powder and apply together: Use vitamin E and pearl powder together, so that the whitening effect will be doubled. Remember to use natural pearl powder, and the powder of pearl powder should be more delicate, so that the beauty effect will be good.

4. Mix with olive oil: Take two vitamin E capsules, poke the surface of the capsules with a needle, then squeeze the oil into the mask, then pour a spoonful of olive oil into it, stir well with a spoon and dip it in the face with a cotton swab.

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