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Skin care products suitable for dull acne skin?

1 Bedma Shuyan Cleansing Liquid Powder

korean skin care routine acne

Acne skin will inevitably wear heavy makeup in order to cover acne. At this time, you must choose a good makeup remover, so as to avoid the increase of acne. Bedma’s powder makeup remover has a good effect and a good dredging effect. It is a makeup remover suitable for acne skin, especially this pink one.

2 Xuanzhi Natural Snail Solution Mask

This natural snail stock solution essence from the old Yellow River in Henan, China has been a raw material for big brands such as South Korea and France for more than ten years. Natural snail stock solution repairs damaged skin, tightens skin,

acne removal and acne marks, known as skin care golden liquid, the effect is really good, this year also won the first place in the mask group at the Asian FACE Awards

What skin care products are good for 16-year-old acne?

RNM Moisturizing Water Milk

This niche water milk in Korea has also been very popular recently. The appearance of the white minimalist bottle looks very reassuring, clean and simple. The texture of the softening water is thicker, but the texture of the lotion is clearer and more liquid.

After gently patting and absorbing on the face, the skin feels very delicate and soft, and it will not feel greasy at all. This is an almost moisturizing water milk with medium moisturizing strength

After using Korean Vina’s cosmetics for half a year, acne starts to grow on the face, and it is pustule type,…

Maybe it’s your skin problem. Go buy some medicine for skin diseases. After applying it to your face, you must look carefully when buying cosmetics.

What is the reason for a lot of acne on your face after using Korean Ebenol water cream for half a month?

Ebenol is a skill-based cosmetic. It can detect whether your skin has used hormone products. From the symptoms you mentioned, it can be seen that you are excreting hormone toxins. Just finish excreting.

How is the antioxidant effect of Korean skin leaven master BRTC skin care mask?

It can increase the water content of the stratum corneum of the skin, which is easily absorbed by the human body, and has a significant improvement effect on dark yellow, dull, dry lines, fine lines, and loose problem skin! After multiple customers use the effect is obvious, whether it is dry skin that needs to be hydrated, or acne skin that is too oily, it can significantly improve the original shortcomings of the skin. Most of them are converted from new customers to regular customers and then to agents! This mask is definitely worth having!

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