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Skin care products containing retinol?

Neutrogena A alcohol night cream

retinol skin care routine order

Retinol B5 formula, fragrance-free, non-acne formula. If your skin is rough and feels grainy, you can try it. The effect of smoothing the skin is not bad, but there will be a tingling feeling just on the face

Is retinol essence milk used during the day?

Retinol skin care products cannot be used during the day, because the chemical properties of retinol are extremely unstable, they are afraid of light and air, and are easy to be damaged. So retinol skin care products can only be used at night.

How to store retinol?

Retinol should be stored in the refrigerator. Skin care products containing some unstable ingredients, such as cosmetics containing retinol (vitamin A), vitamin C, peptides, hydroquinone, etc., are best stored in the refrigerator after opening. Only in a low temperature environment can the purity and effect of these active ingredients be guaranteed.

Some organic skin care products that do not contain preservative ingredients or skin care products with unstable chemical compositions such as L-C are recommended to be placed in the refrigerator after opening, which can slow down the oxidation of skin care products and naturally improve their efficacy when touching the skin.

Which brand of retinol ampoule is best to use

Which brand of retinol essence is better?

Recommendation 1: Elizabeth Arden’s Time and Space Revitalizing Night Multi-effect Gel.

Recommendation 1: Elizabeth Time and Space Revitalizing Night Multi-effect Capsule Serum

Product Advantages:

This is the new version of “powder glue” (the old version of the real powder glue has been discontinued). This retinol capsule serum (rose gold outer packaging capsule) is completed by stimulating collagen regeneration and speeding up skin metabolism. It is very targeted for rough skin and skin wrinkles caused by aging.

It uses an anhydrous silicon base formula, so the texture is completely non-liquid, it is a pure gel texture, and there is no water feeling at all. The smooth extension feels good when pushed away, and there is basically no obvious resistance. The skin feels matte, dry, and slippery when applied, and there is a clear feeling of silicon filling pores and textures.

Recommendation 2: zoskinhealth Night Rejuvenation Serum

Product Advantages:

Contains 1% vitamin A alcohol (retinol), which repairs and rejuvenates skin cells during your sleep, activates collagen production, and keeps you youthful while calming your skin. Your skin is still full of vitality after waking up in the morning. The anhydrous formula helps to ensure that the ingredients can effectively penetrate the bottom layer of the skin and activate the metabolism of skin cells. Due to the high proportion of retinol contained, there may be slight redness, burning, irritation or peeling during use. The above are normal skin reactions.

Recommended 3: DrDennisGross Ferulic Acid Retinol Luminescent Serum

Reference Price: 440 yuan/30ml

Recommended 3: DrDennisGross Ferulic Acid Retinol Luminescent Serum

Product Advantages:

is a brand single product created by American dermatologists, and it is also a whitening night serum. Its top three are nicotinamide. This ranking is estimated to have 5% content, with 0. The 5% retinol and ferulic acid formula is perfect. Not only increase their respective efficacy, but also reduce the stimulation of retinol.

The texture is more moisturizing, which is very suitable for autumn, winter or dry skin.

Recommendation 4: versoskincare “anti-aging” No. 5 retinol 8 eye serum

Reference price: 495 yuan/30ml

Recommendation 4: versoskincare “anti-aging” No. 5 retinol 8 eye serum

Product advantages:

verso is a Swedish high-end anti-aging skin care brand. His patented technology is 8 times retinol ingredients (retinol retinoate ester). This retinol derivative is 8 times the effect of retinol itself, but it is much less irritating than retinol. It does not need to establish a tolerance period at all, and it will be thickly piled up around the eyes for a while every time you use it, feeling hot and spicy It is very refreshing, the texture is delicate and very easy to absorb. It is moisturized and non-sticky after applying.

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