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Skin care product set for over 45 years old?

When the age reaches 45 years old, the state of the skin has obviously begun to accelerate aging, so it is necessary to use powerful skin care products to keep the skin locked in nutrients/moisture and retain youth. Female friends aged 45 recommend you to choose some mid-to-high-grade anti-aging kits, such as Shiseido Time Glaze Series, Lancome Jingchun Beauty Series,

anti aging skin care routine kit

WH0O Glaze Series.

1. Shiseido Time Glaze Series. Shiseido Time Glazed Series is specially developed by Shiseido for mature women over 30 years old. It is positioned as a luxury anti-aging boutique and has a strong anti-aging effect to give you precise and meticulous skin care. Time Glazed Series adds star fruit leaf extract, which uses natural star fruit leaf essence to restore the skin to a full, firm and delicate state, making the skin glow with a youthful radiance; the addition of high-efficiency hydrating factor hyaluronic acid can moisturize the skin for a long time, improve fine lines and dull skin tone caused by dryness, and keep the skin tone bright and transparent. The cleansing milk in the Shiseido Time Glaze series also has a unique fragrance blended with a variety of flowers such as Hokkaido roses, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, etc., which is refreshing and allows your skin to maintain a refreshing state while also emitting a charming fragrance.

2. Lancome Jingchun Beauty Series. Lancome Jingchun Beauty Series is suitable for female friends over the age of 35. It focuses on high-tech skin care and anti-aging. It can replenish stem cells for the human body, allowing skin tissue to renew and regenerate on its own, so that the skin that originally showed an aging state can gradually return to a white, bright and firm state. With the blessing of high-tech technology, Jingchun Beauty Series can comprehensively and efficiently fight aging.

3. WH00 Healing Cream Series. WHOO Huanyu ointment series is an anti-aging series launched by WHOO, continuing the consistent design style of the WH0O brand, which adds precious medicinal materials such as natural mountain ginseng, Tianshan snow lotus, Cordyceps sinensis, deer antler and a variety of plant nourishing ingredients. The Huanyu ointment series promotes the circulation of qi, blood and essence in the body with the essence of Chinese herbal medicine, so that the skin can accelerate blood circulation, promote the metabolism of waste and the formation of new cuticle, restore skin elasticity, and return the skin to a firm and delicate state.

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