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Skin care or blackhead removal first?

Blackhead removal first and then skin care. The pores are blocked by grease and waste keratin. No matter how good the skin care products are, it is useless to clean the pores to remove blackheads first. After cleaning, apply skin care products, which is easier to absorb. First, you can apply a cleansing mask, then exfoliate, then apply a blackhead removal sticker, then apply some pores, shrink essence, then apply a moisturizing mask, and then apply water milk. Sleep cream is done.

skin care routine for blackhead prone skin

The correct way to use the blackhead shovel?

The most crucial first step in using a small shovel is to open the pores, so I basically start using it as soon as I take a shower.

The second step is to clean the face, spray water, and keep the nose moist.

The third step is to enter the main topic. Press the shovel to clean mode, press and hold the disc on the back with your thumb, and swipe from the bottom to the top at a 45-degree angle against your nose. At this time, you will see blackheads and whiteheads being shoveled out. It won’t be too much at one time. Blackheads like my sauce have small white particles emerging every time you shovel, which looks a little cool haha~

The fourth step is to rinse the nose with water, and immediately apply it to Dr. Shino to converge the pores. It will probably be applied like a mask for 10 to 15 minutes. You can feel the cooling of the nose during the process~

The process of basically shoveling blackheads is done. The next step is the normal skin care routine, and sometimes you will apply it all over again. The moisturizing mask on the face strengthens the absorption. I have used it this way about five times, usually twice a week. Now the nose is indeed much cleaner than before, and it improves a little bit each time, but now it is winter, and the oil output is better. The key is to see if the oil output can be reduced in summer, which is really a magic weapon!!

How to use the dermasuction blackhead instrument?

Step 1: Before use, disinfect the blackhead suction instrument, you can use high temperature disinfection, or you can use alcohol to wipe the blackhead suction instrument.

Step 2: Wash your face and use the daily skin care method to clean your face. If you wear makeup, you need to remove the base makeup in advance.

Step 3: Wet compress on your face with a hot towel for five minutes to open the pores of your skin. A hot compress is necessary to open the pores of your skin, so that the blackhead suction effect will be better.

Step 4: Apply the blackhead introduction solution for five minutes first, then turn on the blackhead suction device and suck on your nose for five minutes. Move slowly where there are blackheads, don’t stay too long in each place, and avoid sucking out the red mark from your nose.

Step 5: After sucking blackheads, apply pore shrinkage water to the face to shrink the pores. If the pores do not shrink after sucking blackheads, the pores will become larger and larger. If there is no shrinkage water, you can use ice to shrink the pores.

The blackhead suction instrument should not be used too frequently, and frequent use will also cause damage to the skin.

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