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Skin care for women aged 30 to 48?

1. Hydration

best skin care routine for 30s under 30

After a woman enters the age of 30, the water retention ability of her skin plummets. A large loss of moisture can make the skin dry, rough and lack elasticity. Therefore, the first priority of skin care for light-ripe women is to replenish water. Supplementing enough moisture to the skin can not only make the skin hydrated and elastic, but also enable the skin care products used with whitening or anti-wrinkle effects to reach the deep layers of the skin. That is to say, hydration is the basis for light-ripe women to achieve various skin beauty effects such as skin whitening and anti-wrinkle.

Countermeasures: Light and mature women can deeply hydrate their skin by applying moisturizing masks often, or they can prepare a bottle of mineral spring spray in the office and spray it when the skin feels dry. In addition, drinking chrysanthemum tea or rose tea often is also a good way to hydrate the skin from the inside.

2. Antioxidant

Oxidation of the skin is an important reason for women to grow old. After the skin is oxidized, the skin cells will secrete a large amount of melanin, which will make the skin dull and generate pigmentation. In addition, oxidation will also break down the collagen in the skin, making the skin loose and lose elasticity. The skin condition of light and mature women is approaching its peak, and the skin’s ability to repair itself has begun to slowly decline. At this time, if you do not pay attention to antioxidants, the skin will become dull and shriveled like an apple exposed to the air.

Countermeasures: If you want to fight the oxidation of the skin, you can use antioxidant products, which can use antioxidant products. Generally speaking, skin care products with antioxidant function are divided into pure antioxidant products and compound antioxidant products. Simple antioxidant products are more suitable for people with sensitive skin types, while compound antioxidant products are suitable for all skin types, and their antioxidant time is longer. Regular consumption of healthy foods is a good way for women to antioxidant from the inside of the body. Usually eat less meat and spicy and greasy food, and eat more fruits and vegetables. When you are busy at work, stay up late or are particularly stressed, the skin has the weakest antioxidant capacity. At this time, you can use some masks with antioxidant function to help the skin antioxidant. Pearl mask, ginseng mask and collagen mask all have antioxidant function.

After the age of 30, do you use cream directly without lotion?


How do women take care of their skin after the age of 30?

1. Use less cosmetics

Staying in an environment with severe radiation and poor air quality for a long time can cause greasy skin. It is necessary to use oil removal products reasonably, but not for a long time. Oil removal products can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. If you want to solve the problem of oily skin, first regulate endocrine, wash your face with warm water often, reduce the number of cosmetics, and adjust your diet and work and rest to avoid staying up late.

2. Do a good job of oil control

Mixed skin needs to do a good job of oil control, because their facial hair follicles are developed, and the hairline and T-shaped area are prone to oil, so they need to choose oil control products reasonably. However, women with mixed skin need to pay attention to dry skin in areas other than the hairline and T-shaped area, and choose a special oil removal facial cleanser. This type of product has a good acid-base balance effect, has oil control and moisturizing effects, prevents the skin from looking greasy and dry, and can also delay aging.

3. Do a good job of hydrating

Dry skin is caused by low skin moisture saturation and low oil secretion. Choose weakly acidic products to improve the alkaline environment and keep the skin relatively saturated with moisture. You can choose moisturizing lotions, moisturizers and sprays to do regular moisturizing, and then choose green products that do not contain any additives.

4. Pay attention to supplementing collagen

Women start to have small fine lines on their faces after the age of 30 and look old, so they should choose skin care products containing collagen, which can help the skin restore elasticity and maintain skin health. Women can choose skin care products containing vitamin A, fruit acid or hexapeptide ingredients.

5. Do a good job of eye skin maintenance

The skin around the eyes is very fragile, prone to eye lines, dark circles and bags. Eye creams or eye mask products containing citrus polyphenols, collagen and vitamin E should be selected, which can speed up local blood circulation, provide the nutrients needed for the eye skin, and help fade wrinkles.

6. Improve pore problems

30-year-old women are prone to enlarged pores if they do not take good skin care. They need to choose skin care products containing vitamin A, which can replenish moisture for the skin, make the skin fuller and moisturized, and improve the enlarged pores caused by skin aging.

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