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sk2 sea blue mystery Helena which is easy to use?

After personal use, I think sk2 sea blue mystery is easier to use than Helena.

skin care step by step routine

1, because sk2 sea blue mystery is a well-known brand in Japan, has a very good reputation, and has been widely praised in the skin care industry. It selects natural plant extracts to effectively improve skin pigmentation and condition skin problems.

And, its texture and moisturizing effect are better, it will not feel greasy, and the moisturizing effect is also relatively good.

2, compared with skin problems, even if one of the two will be better, the most important thing is whether it can meet the needs of the skin.

After personal use, I think that the skin care effect of sk2 Sea Blue Mystery is better for my skin than Helena Brightening Skin Essence Tea.

But this is also a very subjective personal choice, and it is recommended to choose the brand that suits you.

What does it mean to take a break for skin care?

The literal meaning of taking a break is to take a day off, which means that meticulous skin care is best done every other day.

Skin care is a step-by-step process, which not only provides the skin with the necessary hydrating and nourishing ingredients, but also does not cause too much burden to the skin.

Frequent use of skin care products, the skin is prone to dependence on skin care products, resulting in increased burden, reduced skin absorption, and the effect of skin care products will also be affected.

Is it okay to change skin care products once a month?

In fact, when changing skin care products, you must follow a rule: slow.

In fact, this “slow” is to let your skin have a process of adaptation. Generally speaking, from the outside to the inside, step by step is the best way to change skin care products. Like masks, these are all external hydrations, while eye creams and eye extracts are all internal adjustments. If you are too blind when changing skin care products, it may harm the health of your skin.

Human skin renewal cycle is 28 days. At the same time, human skin will have an adaptation period to skin care products. If skin care products are changed frequently, it will bring a great burden to the skin. If the skin does not react in time, allergies will occur. In the long run, not only will it fail to have the effect of skin care and anti-aging, but it will also aggravate the damage to the skin and cause “disfigurement events”.

We must understand that even no matter how good the skin care products are, it will take at least 28 days to have obvious results, because the skin renewal cycle is 28 days. Whether skin care products are effective or not can only be seen after the skin is renewed.

And the ingredients of different skin care products will be different, and some ingredients may react unfavorably to the skin, so it is not recommended to change skin care products frequently in any way.

So, under what circumstances should skin care products be considered for replacement?

The first situation: a skin care product works well just after use, but it has no effect in the end, and even the condition of the skin has declined. At this time, it feels replaced.

The second situation: long-term use of a skin care product, the effect is OK, but once it stops, various skin problems will occur. At this time, we must consider whether this skin care product is like “medicine”

, which makes our skin develop a dependence. If such a situation occurs, we also feel like replacing it.

How often is it better to replace it?

Makeup remover and cleansing products can be replaced every six months or so, and the replacement cycle of skin care products is generally more than one year. Of course, if the effect is very good, there is no need to replace it.

It is worth noting that facial cleansers, lotions, and masks can be replaced with new brands frequently. Essence and eye cream should be replaced as much as possible. Essence and eye cream are functional products and need long-term use to see results, so don’t use them for a few days or a month and start to change them in a hurry when you feel that there is no effect.

Sisters, don’t be in a hurry when changing skin care products, be sure to let your skin have a process of adaptation!

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