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Shiseido eye cream is used in the first step of skin care?

1. Shiseido eye cream is used in the third step of skin care. 2. This is because in the skin care step, the eye skin needs special care and maintenance. Eye cream usually contains more concentrated ingredients, which can provide deeper nourishment and moisturization, while also effectively improving problems such as fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, placing eye cream in the early step of skin care can ensure that its ingredients are fully absorbed and give the best results. 3. In addition, placing eye cream in the third step of skin care is also to avoid irritation of other skin care products to the eye skin. After cleansing and toning, using eye cream first can form a protective film to prevent irritation and penetration of other products. This can protect the sensitivity of the eye skin, reduce unnecessary irritation and burden, and at the same time improve the absorption effect of the eye cream.

when do you apply eye cream in skin care routine

Correct order of use of eye cream?

1: Dip a little eye cream with your ring finger and gently tap it on the upper and lower eyelids and the skin around the eyes. (The amount of eye cream should not be too much, two mung beans each time).

2: Apply evenly from the eye to the end of the eye Push the eye cream to the end of the eye and lift it up. Repeat this action 3-5 times to help lift and tighten the eye skin and prevent sagging.

3: Use your ring finger to gently apply along the inner-outward direction to smooth the eye skin and promote blood circulation. Until the eye cream is completely absorbed by the skin.

4: Finally, you can gently press between the eyebrows with your fingertips to make the eyes feel completely relaxed.

How many steps to wipe the eye cream for skin care products?

1. The eye cream is used in the fifth step of skin care.

2. The first step is to use cleansing milk and makeup remover oil. Cleansing milk or makeup remover oil can effectively dissolve cosmetics or high sunscreen. The method of using cleansing milk or makeup remover oil is: take an appropriate amount of cleansing milk or makeup remover oil with dry hands, gently massage it on a dry surface, then rinse it off with water or wipe it off with a paper towel.

3. The second step requires the use of cleansing gel, cleansing foam, and cleansing powder. Their effect is to remove too much dead skin, dirt, makeup remover oil or cleansing milk left on the surface, and clean pores. How to use is: After adding water to foam, gently massage on the wet surface, and then rinse dry with water.

4. The third step requires the use of toner. The effect of toner is: fine pores, balance skin pH, and moisturize the skin. If you pour it on a cotton pad and wipe it lightly, you can wipe away excess dead skin. Usage: You can pour it on a cotton pad and wipe the face lightly, or pat the toner on the surface with your hands.

5. The fourth step requires the use of a mask. As a facial deep care procedure, it can be used every day for intensive care, or two to three times a week. The method of using the mask is: apply the gel or cream mask to a clean face, and rinse it off with water after ten to fifteen minutes.

6. The fifth step is the use of eye serum, eye gel, and eye cream. The eye skin is the thinnest skin in the whole body, so special care is required. Do not apply the cream as an eye cream, because it may cause sensitivity or oil particles

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