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Shirley regeneration machine trick sequence?

The trick sequence of Shirley regeneration machine is generally: first perform cleaning mode, deeply clean the teeth through the high-speed rotating brush head to remove plaque and tooth stains, then switch to massage mode, massage the gums with soft vibration, promote blood circulation and gum health, and finally switch to mouthwash mode, use high-frequency vibration to initialize the bacteria in the mouth to achieve oral cleaning and fresh breath. The whole process needs to last 2-3 minutes, and it is recommended to use it twice a day, which can effectively improve oral health.

rotating skin care routine

How to use sk serum?

Use once each day and night, each dosage: Take the size of a coin with a diameter of 3 cm, and 150 ml provides a day and night dosage of about 40 days; After washing the face, then drop SK-II skin care serum on a cotton pad, then clamp the cotton sheet with your index finger and little finger, and gently apply it to the face and neck. Flip over and use the other side of the cotton sheet, and gently repeat to pat the face and neck evenly.

How to pack skin care products when going to the plateau without overflowing?

When traveling to the plateau, it is easy to cause the overflow of skin care products due to changes in air pressure and temperature. Here are a few ways to avoid the overflow of skin care products when traveling to the plateau:

1. Use pressure-release packaging: Choose those skin care product packaging with pressure-release function. These packaging designs can reduce or avoid the spill of the product in high altitude areas. Pressure-release packaging will automatically release air when the air pressure changes.

2. Reduce the air in the container: Before traveling, try to use skin care products that are already close to the bottom of the empty bottle, which can reduce the volume of air in the container. It is also possible to transfer the skin care products to small containers or test tubes to reduce the remaining space in the container.

3. Sealed packaging: Put the skin care products in a sealed bag, which can prevent the leakage of liquid during transportation, and also prevent the outside air from entering the container.

4. Reduce the pressure in the container: Before opening the bottle cap, in the plateau area, you can gently unscrew the bottle cap a little bit to allow part of the pressure to be released, and then open it completely.

5. Prevent the temperature from rising or falling: Try to avoid exposing skin care products to high or low temperature environments. You can use thermal insulation bags or ice packs to maintain a suitable temperature.

In conclusion, when traveling in the plateau area, purchasing travel-friendly packaging, reducing air volume, sealing packaging, and paying attention to changes in temperature and pressure can all help avoid the spill of skin care products. Remember to make adequate packaging and preparations before traveling.

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