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Shark weight calculation formula?

The calculation formula for shark weight varies by shark species, and different species of sharks have different body sizes and body proportions, so different formulas need to be used to calculate weight. The following are two commonly used formulas for calculating shark weight:

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For larger sharks such as great white sharks and tiger sharks, the following formulas can be used to calculate weight:

Weight (kg) = length (cm) × length (cm) × length (cm) ÷ 4800

For smaller sharks such as hammerhead sharks and gray sharks, the following formulas can be used to calculate weight:

Weight (kg) = length (cm) × length (cm) × length (cm) ÷ 11800

It should be noted that these formulas are only methods for estimating shark weight, and factors such as shark body size, gender, and age need to be taken into account when actually measuring.

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