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Seven steps for correct skin care?

01. Cleansing, which can deeply cleanse the skin and keep the skin fresh and clean.

best order for your skin care routine

Cleansing is essential as the first step in skin care. If it is a girl who wears makeup, you need to add makeup remover steps before cleansing. Cleansing products need to be mild and non-irritating, foamy and strong in cleaning ability, so as not to irritate the skin, and at the same time achieve the effect of deep cleansing, so that the skin remains more fresh and clean.

02. Apply a mask to deeply hydrate the skin and make the skin rejuvenate.

Especially in autumn and winter, the skin can easily become dry, and dry skin lacks moisture, making it easy to look old and weak. At this time, applying a mask is particularly important. Applying a mask is the simplest and most intuitive way to replenish water, which can make the skin more deeply hydrated, maintain a healthy and clear state, and radiate youthful vitality.

03. Toner, wake up the skin, and lay a solid foundation for subsequent skin care

Toner is the most common step in our skin care. If you don’t need to apply a mask, the toner can be used directly after cleansing, which can awaken the vitality of the skin and lay a solid foundation for subsequent skin care. At the same time, the toner can not only hydrate the skin, but also play a secondary cleansing effect, better shrink pores and make the skin more delicate.

04. Muscle bottom fluid awakens the vitality of the skin and keeps the skin young

Muscle bottom fluid is a skin care product for the elderly. If you feel that your skin has become dull and dull, it is difficult to restore vitality after staying up late. Then it is time to prepare muscle bottom fluid for yourself. Muscle bottom fluid can awaken the vitality of the skin more deeply and keep the skin in a younger state.

05. Essence, anti-aging repair, keeps the skin young

Although essence has a good anti-aging effect, different essences have different main effects. For example, some essences focus on light spots, while others focus on whitening. Some essences focus on repair, and some essences focus on anti-wrinkle. When choosing essence, we need to refer to our skin state more and choose a repair method that is more suitable for us.

06, lotion or cream, deeply hydrating to rejuvenate the skin

The main effect of lotions and creams is to deeply hydrate and lock in moisture. So in autumn and winter, lotions and creams need to be arranged in our daily skin care. Even if you feel sticky in summer, autumn and winter will make you feel more refreshing. For oily skin, you can choose lotions or clear creams, and for dry skin, you can choose oily creams.

07. Apply sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet damage and maintain a youthful skin

The main effect of sunscreen is to prevent the erosion of ultraviolet rays and keep the skin in a youthful state. A person who applies sunscreen and a person who does not apply sunscreen will have a significant difference in skin condition after a few years. Because sunscreen is the first step in anti-aging, if you want to maintain youthful skin, you need to take sunscreen seriously.

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