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Sensitive skin care process?

1. Sensitive skin care does not need to go through a full set of skin care processes. Everything is simple. Sensitive skin care follows 3 basic points: cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection.

combination sensitive skin care routine

2. Sensitive skin means that your skin barrier function is damaged. If the skin’s ability to resist external stimuli and its water retention ability is reduced, it will be easily attacked by bacteria, resulting in sensitivity, redness, itching, and tingling. At this time, your most important thing is to repair the skin barrier function and simplify the skin care products you use.

3. The mousse type for washing your face will be milder. When washing, it will be faster, just a few tens of seconds. Then use milk and cream to lock the water in the skin. Finally, the most important thing is to pay attention to the role of sun protection, to add protection to the skin, sun protection is essential.

4. How to take care of sensitive skin: People with more sensitive skin need to pay special attention when taking care of their skin. The skin care products used to carry out skin care techniques may aggravate the symptoms of sensitive skin or cause skin discomfort. So how should sensitive skin be maintained?

5. Choose slightly acidic cleansing products: Sensitive skin also needs to be cleansed, especially in winter, the skin will become more sensitive due to dryness and dehydration. So when choosing cleansing products, you must avoid alkaline products that are too thick and too irritating, and you should choose a mild and slightly acidic cleansing milk. In addition, you should be careful not to use cleansing brushes, sponges, loofah and other cleansers to avoid friction and cause sensitivity.

6. Do not use oil control formulas for day creams: the autumn and winter sun is not so strong. There is no need to use oil control ingredients in the day cream used, as long as there are water-locking active particles. In addition, do not use repair creams with strong irritation and high concentration for sensitive skin.

7. Use non-alcoholic toners: Sensitive skin should avoid alcohol ingredients when choosing toners. It will make sensitive skin red, and the skin is easy to tighten after alcohol evaporates. Sensitive skin should choose a mild, alcohol-free and fragrance-free toner. When applying, you can flick it with your fingertips, and do not pat it hard to avoid irritating the skin.

8. Supplement more vitamin C: If sensitive skin lacks vitamin C, its sensitive symptoms such as rough dermatitis, peeling and dandruff will become abnormally serious. So usually eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C. Such as kiwi, pears, apples, etc., to strengthen the resistance of skin tissue and resist external sensitivities.

9. Sensitive skin is prone to allergies when changing seasons, and the skin is prone to redness, swelling and inflammation. If you find that your skin is sensitive and uncomfortable, you can clean your face with cold water or a cleanser without any additives. When the moisture is not completely dry, apply a thin layer of Vaseline and place it in a cool environment to quickly calm the skin and relieve sensitivity.

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