Weight management

rise member height ranking?

Zhou Zhennan’s height is 172.1cm, but the table shows that his height is 171.

r1 weight management

He Luoluo’s height is 178cm, but the table shows that his height is 176.

Yan Xujia’s height table shows 181.

Xia Zhiguang’s height shows 179.

Yao Chen’s height is 180cm, but the table shows 177cm.

Zhai Xiaowen’s height is 183cm, but the table shows 180cm.

Zhang Yanqi’s height is 183cm, but the table shows 180cm.

Can the Lenovo scale be connected to the mobile phone?

1. First, place the battery on the scale and open the scale. You need to download and install the sports APP on the mobile phone.

2. Secondly, open the sports APP, it will show whether to connect to Bluetooth, and select Allow.

3. Then, click My Personal Information, select Add New Device, and link it with the information of the mobile phone.

4. Select the device to start binding on the pop-up page, and select the scale icon. Then click to search for the scale, and place the scale near the mobile phone when searching.

5. Then stand on the scale to bind. When the weight is weighed, the scale can be bound and the weight data can be transmitted to the mobile phone.

159cm 12 years old, how many pounds should it be?

BEL-Belgium Jersey: White Trousers: Black Socks: White

Number Name Status Location Date of Birth Club Height

(m/ft) Weight

(kg/lb) Competition Technical Statistics


1 Loganbhai GK December 27, 1985 RACINGGENK (BEL) 1. 89/6 ‘2 “85/1871901

2 Zepdrover DNovember 12, 1984 GRONINGEN (NED) 1. 80/5′ 11″ 76/167190

4 Tomaville Marang DNovember 14, 1985 AJAX (NED) 1. 82/6 ‘0 “73/161190

5 Sebastian Poconioli XDAugust 1, 1987 AZALKMAAR (NED) 1. 82/6′ 0″ 72/1591901

15 Jeroncimeus DMay 12, 1985 CLUBBRUGGE (BEL) 1. 92/6 ‘4 “78/172115

8 Farihalon MSep 22, 1985 GERMINALBEERSCHOT (BEL) 1. 88/6′ 2″ 85/187

10 YANGFIELTON MApr 24, 1987 AJAX (NED) 1. 89/6 ‘2 “79/174190

11 MARTEN MARTENS (C) MJul 02, 1984 AZALKMAAR (NED) 1. 76/5′ 9″ 59/130163

7 TOM DEMILLF Mar 04, 1986 SEVILLAFC (ESP) 1. 73/5 ‘8 “67/148183

9 Kevan Milara Castillo XF October 05, 1987 LILLE (FRA) 1. 80/5′ 11″ 73/1611751

18 Musa Dangbury FJuly 16, 1987 AZALKMAAR (NED) 1. 77/5 ’10 “64/141190

No. 4: Athlete Profile

Tomaville Maran



Date of Birth: November 14, 1985 Height (cm/ft): 182cm/6′ 0″

Gender: Male Weight (kg/lb): 73kg/161lbs

Birthplace: Capellen (Belgium)

Residence: Capellen

Sports: Football

Competition: Men’s Events

No. 5 : Athlete Profile

Sebastian Poconioli



Date of Birth: August 1, 1987 Height (cm/ft): 182cm/6 ‘0 “

Gender: Male Weight (kg/lb): 72kg/159lbs

Birthplace: Liege (Belgium)

Sports: Football

Competition: Men’s Events

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