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Reveal Wu Zetian’s maintenance secrets and see how ancient women are?

Wu Zetian is the only queen in Chinese history. In her 81 years, she is still beautiful as if the years have not slipped away. After her sixty years, her hair is still black and bright, lubricated, and shiny; her skin is still fair, rosy, and elastic, which interprets the myth that women are not old on her body. According to ancient records: Wu Zetian’s beauty secrets focus on nourishing blood and nourishing yin. Internal use of Dendrobium officinale has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing yin, nourishing qi and promoting blood circulation, clearing and nourishing the five internal organs, balancing yin and yang, relaxing qi and blood, and improving the physiological functions of the body; externally use freshly squeezed Dendrobium officinale essence liquid to moisturize the skin. Wu Zetian has used this method internally and externally for up to 50 years. Under the moisturization of this method, her skin is hydrated, fair and translucent every day; even in her later years, she is still beautiful and her face is not old, and it truly achieves the functions of maintaining her face, delaying aging, and prolonging life. Therefore, it is called the first party in ancient beauty.

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Dendrobium Revitalizing Serum contains natural Dendrobium, great spirulina and other natural substances, which promote the formation of collagen in the skin, repair the skin, and have the functions of anti-melanin production and anti-aging of the skin. It moisturizes the skin and delays aging. It is effectively absorbed by the skin, thus effectively improving the quality of the skin.

In fact, since the age of 25, our human body has accelerated the aging of the skin due to the decreasing amount of yin fluid in the body and the gradual deficiency of the body. Dendrobium officinale contains Dendrobium polysaccharides, Dendrobium alkali, rich trace elements, amino acids, and mucus. It has the functions of lightweight and wrinkled skin, anti-aging, beauty and beauty, detoxification and skin care. It can improve the drying and wrinkling of our human skin, so as to achieve rapid generation of skin collagen, deep hydration, enhance elasticity, fade spots, smooth and tender skin, and achieve natural whitening and skin care effects!

How about the effect of mythical magic spots?

As a popular skin care product, the effect of Myth Magic Spot is gradually recognized by consumers. It has the functions of brightening skin tone, moisturizing and moisturizing, fading pigmentation and fine lines. Regular use of Myth Magic Spot can improve rough and dull skin, making skin more delicate, smooth and radiant. At the same time, it can also reduce the appearance of pigmentation and fine lines, making skin look younger and more energetic.

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