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Regulations on warehouse management system?

Basic regulations on logistics warehouse management system 1. General provisions 1. In order to ensure the continuity and order of the company’s normal production, rationalize warehouse operations, and reduce the occupation of inventory funds, these measures are specially formulated.

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2. This measure applies to the inventory management regulations of various raw and auxiliary materials, work in progress, finished products, packaging materials, spare parts, tools, office, sanitary supplies and other materials required by the company for production, sales, and office.

II. Management principles and system 1. The company implements a warehouse decentralized management system.

All kinds of materials are respectively stored in warehouses established by their use departments.

Among them, the warehouse of raw and auxiliary materials is in charge of global procurement, the warehouse of work in progress and packaging is in charge of the production and manufacturing department, the warehouse of finished products, spare parts and tools is in charge of the marketing department, and the warehouse of office and sanitary products is in charge of the general affairs department.

2. The warehouse management shall ensure that the material needs required for the production and operation of the company are met, and the goods are not out of stock and the total cost of procurement is minimized.

3. The warehouses of the company shall have full-time or part-time warehouse managers according to the workload and importance of the warehouse.

4. The warehouse classifies and counts all kinds of materials, which are divided into A, B, and C categories, and manages them at key, secondary, and general levels respectively.

5. According to the characteristics of the company’s production and operation time, formulate the working hours of warehousing entry and exit.

3. Inventory planning and control 1. The warehouse supplies the required materials in accordance with the principles of appropriate quality, appropriate amount, timely, and appropriate location to avoid sluggish funds and insufficient supply.

2. The warehouse will work with relevant departments to formulate standards such as optimal ordering points, ordering points, safety inventory, and order advance time according to sales records and plans, production plans, etc.

3. The warehouse controls the variety of materials with standards. When the actual inventory reaches the order point, an application for a supplementary purchase plan can be submitted.

IV. Warehousing 1. All materials, whether newly purchased, returned, or collected, should be inspected by the warehouse management department before allowing the items to be warehoused 2. When going through the warehousing procedures, check whether the items match the product name, model, or specification listed in the purchase order, bill of lading, acceptance order, and invoice.

If the product name, model, or specification or packaging is found to be damaged, the purchasing organizer shall be notified for processing.

3. If the warehouse management staff finds problems when the materials are warehoused and fails to report and deal with them within the next working day in time, the materials shall be regarded as qualified.

4. Warehouse management personnel timely entry of all warehoused items, the items in the warehouse to make a register.

5. Shipment 1. Where the receipt signed by the supervisors at all levels, the materials can only be picked up and shipped out of the warehouse after confirmation.

warehouse management personnel timely entry of all warehoused items.

2. Warehouse management department requirements for receipt, delivery or transfer within the specified time.

If out of stock or insufficient, should reply to the scheduled or delivery date.

3. After confirming the variety, specification, quantity and quality of the outbound materials, both the supplier and the recipient should sign on the one-piece multi-link pick-up document, and each link will be distributed, kept in the warehouse management, pick-up, finance and other relevant departments.

4. If the recipient finds a problem when the material leaves the warehouse and fails to deal with it on the spot in time, the material shall be regarded as qualified.

5. During the process of material delivery and transportation out of the warehouse, it is forbidden for the recipient to enter the internal premises of the warehouse at will. If he does not listen to the advice, he may refuse to ship and report to the supervisor.

6. Adhere to the principle, do not favor personal feelings, and strictly receive and issue items according to the approved quantity and quality.

The warehouse management staff has a kind attitude and is enthusiastic and active in serving.

7. For warehouses that do not have warehouse managers, a specific time can be specified to pick up the goods.

For urgent matters, it can be picked up immediately.

6. Material storage warehouse management The storage requirements for all kinds of materials: 1. Determine the stacking method and location according to the characteristics of variety, specification, volume, weight, etc.; 2. The warehouse items are stacked neatly, smoothly, and clearly classified; 3. The storage space is divided and numbered, and marked with eye-catching and outward-facing, so that it is convenient for inventory and collection.

4. Isolation control of dangerous goods; 5. The ground load shall not be too large or exceed the limit; 6. The passage shall not be indiscriminately stacked with items; 7. Maintain proper temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and other conditions.

7. Storage materials enter and leave the warehouse according to the principle of first-in, first-out stacking and extraction.

8. Warehouse managers strengthen the daily fire prevention, anti-theft, moisture-proof, leakage-proof and insect-proof work of the warehouse, pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, and regularly implement safety inspections.

9. Construction team, maintain the warehouse loading and unloading, measurement, transmission, fire protection, monitoring and other equipment and instruments, and maintain good use condition. Those that need to be replaced and repaired should be reported in time.

10. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the warehouse. Non-warehouse personnel are not allowed to enter without consent.

11. The warehouse shall establish a system of inventory and materials ledgers, general ledgers, detailed ledgers, and inventory cards.

The accounts shall be consistent and the accounts shall be consistent.

Do a good job of daily account book registration, sorting and storage in a timely manner.

12. Regularly close the warehouse inventory.

1. Small inventory, once at the end of each month.

Mainly check whether the accounts are consistent and the increase or decrease of sluggish materials.

2. Mid-inventory, once every six months.

Each lamp warehouse checks whether the accounts are consistent and corrects the cost.

3. A large inventory, once a year.

A comprehensive inventory of the company’s assets.

At the end of each year, the warehouse management department will take a general inventory together with the accounting and marketing departments.

For the inventory, fill in the inventory materials statistics form, and all parties sign the inventory.

For the inventory of expired, deteriorated and unusable items, deal with them in a timely manner.

For the inventory profit and inventory loss, report to the supervisor for approval and adjust the accounts; if the warehouse administrator’s responsibility is short, he shall compensate.

Thirteen, if the warehouse administrator’s post is transferred, the handover party and the supervisor shall handle the inventory transfer and the necessary product inventory work.

14. Warehouse managers make daily statistical reports of material inbound and outbound, as well as monthly and annual inbound and outbound and inventory statistics.

All kinds of statistical reports are distributed in multiple links to the relevant finance, production and marketing departments.

15. Warehouse managers will work with financial personnel to break down inventory costs, strive to reduce inventory consumption, reduce inventory costs, and make suggestions to improve warehouse management.

Material transportation: 1. The transportation problem of new shopping materials from the truck, ship, and aircraft yard to the company’s warehouse shall be solved by the purchasing department through negotiation with the supply factory.

2. The warehouse management unit assists the relevant units to do a good job in the transportation of goods in and out of the warehouse, including transportation personnel, transportation vehicles, vehicle deployment, packaging and consignment, insurance claims and other matters.

Before the material is shipped, the warehouse management staff should properly handle the packing, packaging, handling and other work to ensure the safety of transportation; when shipping, the transported materials will be clearly indicated on the waybill, and the door inspection certificate will be issued.

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