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Red leaf plum calories?

Red leaf plum is a nutrient-rich fruit rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, but compared to other fruits, red leaf plum is not high in calories. In every 100 grams of red leaf plum, it contains about 47-54 calorie, depending on the maturity and variety of the plum.

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In addition, red leaf plum is also rich in dietary fiber and natural fructose, which help to promote digestion and maintain good health. However, if you are controlling calorie intake to control weight, it is recommended to consume red leaf plum in moderation and match it with other healthy meals and exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Experience and methods of raising maple leaf turtles~?

1. Rest: Maple leaf turtles are relatively weak turtles. They crawl a short distance and like a quiet place to rest. Too much concentration will harm their health. Therefore, provide them with enough rest places, such as configuring a warm and quiet cave indoors, so that they have a safer place to rest. 2. Diet: Maple leaf turtles should eat feed and fresh fruits, vegetables and natural foods regularly. You can change different kinds of food for them every week. You can also provide some winter melon rind and other foods so that they can consume more vitamins, which is good for health. 3. Activity: Maple leaf turtles like to be active, and they should be given some anxiety-free environments on a regular basis. For example, they can be provided with a swimming pool large enough for them to swim. Don’t forget to have protective measures here to prevent them from getting wet or being dropped by other furniture buckets. 4. Health Monitoring: Always pay attention to the health of the Maple Leaf Turtle, compare its meter, weight, defecation and performance, because their health status may sometimes mutate, so find problems in time.

How to correct the glass scale?

The reason why the scale is not allowed and the solution:

1. The battery is loose. Solution: Open the battery cover behind the scale and reinstall the battery tightly.

2. Place it on the carpet or on two floor tiles. Solution: Place it on a flat ground and re-measure. Note: The floor cannot be a tough carpet or a floor with impurities. It should be on a floor tile. In this way, the force points of the four feet will be different. After laying it flat, start weighing, and spread your feet evenly on the scale surface. Do not shake your body.

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