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Recommended skin care products for 19 years old?

freeplus Frifangsi Amino Acid Facial Cleanser

19 year old skin care routine

freeplus Frifangsi Amino Acid Facial Cleanser is a gentle cleansing product that deeply cleanses the skin and hydrates the skin. 6 plant extracts can improve the skin’s moisturizing ability to prevent dryness and gently nourish the skin. This facial cleanser, washed especially cleanly, can condition the skin, enhance the skin’s resistance, soothe and whiten the skin.

Japan Dr. Shino Pore Shrinkage Water

Japan Dr. Shino Pore Shrinkage Water is a gentle moisturizing water that gently exfoliates and smooths the skin. This product has balanced skin water and oil, gentle exfoliation can fine pores and make the skin smooth and hydrated. Rub the face cool and comfortable. This skin care water is very refreshing and not greasy, suitable for summer.

Age 19, what skin care products are suitable for?

19 years old Due to the limitations of economic conditions, priority is given to skin care products that suit you and are cost-effective. The first and most important thing is sunscreen. Sunscreen is an indispensable thing all year round. The brand of this sunscreen is Elisel, and the price of their sunscreen is not particularly expensive, within 200 yuan.

The cleansing milk below is an amino acid cleansing from elta. This cleansing is very easy to use. First of all, you can see that it is designed to press the softhead.

The moisturizing effect of the tea tree hydrosol below is also very good. I don’t know if you have used it. I think its hydrating effect is also very good.

The HABA whitening muscle bottom liquid above is quite good. The brightening effect and whitening effect of this whitening muscle bottom liquid are very good, and it can also moisturize. The most important thing is that its price is really inexpensive.

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